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A Building Toy that Unlocks Your Child’s Imagination

Do you ever find a toy and think to yourself, I think I could make this better? Well, the creators of Shape Mags did just that. While they saw the learning potential of basic magnetic tiles, Julie and Jonathan knew they could expand on the idea to make even better options. So they created Shape Mags with more shapes and more colors, opening endless opportunities for your child’s imagination to run wild.


Shape Mags allow your kids to build in ways they just can’t with regular blocks. The edges of the tiles hold together with magnets when you put them side by side or stack them up. Shape Mags get kids thinking in a whole different way when working to create a structure. The magnetic hold helps even the smallest (and most easily frustrated) hands get things the way they want them.


One of the most magical things about Shape Mags is the way that they interact with light. If you are lucky enough to get the opportunity to play with them on a light table, you and your kids will be blown away. Because the tiles are translucent, the light passes through and the many beautiful colors of the tiles reflect in magical ways. Don’t be disappointed if you don’t have access to a light table because you can recreate a similar effect right in your own window or even in a sunny spot on the floor.


If you already have a collection of magnetic tiles, Shape Mags will fit right in since they are compatible with other brands. With Shape Mags nearly 30 sets and over 50 different shapes, you will be able to round out your collection in a whole new way.

They make a great gift for toddlers or any building enthusiasts in your life. You’ll be surprised by how much you will enjoy playing with them as well, and any toy that encourages learning and family bonding is a winner in my book.


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