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Be Ready for Your Next Family Outdoor Adventure with Keen

I’ll admit, I’m a little stingy when it comes to footwear for my kids. My kids each only have one pair of sneakers (I know, it’s crazy), but one thing I never skimp on is good outdoor footwear. My kids always have a good pair of rain boots and a good pair of snow boots. My husband loves a good outdoor adventure, so I have to make sure everyone is outfitted for everything, whether hiking through the woods or stepping into a creek for a rock skipping contest. 

Keen Footwear

I’m a brand loyal kind of person, so I love when I find a brand that can outfit the whole family like Keen. It’s so much easier to go one place to find what you need for everyone in your family rather than having to research each and every time. Plus you learn the company’s sizing, which takes the guessing game out of sizing up or sizing down each time you go somewhere new.

Keen Footwear

Despite my thrifty ways, I think footwear is something you shouldn’t go cheap on. You can be like me and only buy one pair for each need (play, rain, snow), but I think it’s important to go high quality. I’d much rather buy one pair of great snow boots than be hunting for a new pair late in the season when the cheap pair gets a hole or turns out not to be waterproof after all. Plus, with quality boots, you can get away with passing them down from kid to kid—that’s always music to my ears.

Keen Footwear

Keen carries footwear for all seasons. Whether you want to go casual, pick a sporty sandal or something more rugged for a hike through the woods, Keen has you covered. They also carry socks, bags and tees to round out their selection. Make sure your families’ feet are ready for your next outdoor adventure!

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