A Candy-Coated Big Girl Room for the Sweetest Little Lady

“A best friend is like a four leaf clover, hard to find and lucky to have.” – Unknown

We all love our kids so much, but when they find their first best friend, there is a special place in your heart for him or her too! My daughter Marin is only seven and has the sweetest best friend, Morgan. I just had to design a room for her that fit her sweet little personality. I told her mom that I would love to design a room for her since she has been such a great friend, and she happily accepted!

So here we are, in Morgan’s whimsical big girl room. She already had the chair rail around her room, so we decided to keep it and add the coral color above it. The smiley face above the bed was handmade by J&J, and when you see it up close, you notice that the gold part is very sparkly with glitter.

We pulled the colors out of the comforter and spread them throughout the room, from the rug, to the nightstands, to the artwork. The navy lamps that flank the bed add a nice amount of lighting to the room at night. Hints of gold details make the room perfectly girly, just like Morgan.

Whimsical Coral and Aqua Big Girl Room

Morgan needed a good place to do her first grade homework—without distractions from her little brother. We decided to tie the color of her desk in with the color of the nightstands.

Coral and Aqua Big Girl Room

J&J loves a good gallery wall that can add fun to the room and also pull in all the things that reflect the personality and likes of the child. In Morgan’s gallery, we had quite a few special touches created just for her and handmade by J&J.

Whimsical Gallery WallCloud Wall Art | Cactus Wall Decor | Ice Cream Cone

Morgan loves her new whimsical big girl room, and as the sweetest little girl with the best manners, it is well-deserved! It is truly her happy place that is all her own.

Whimsical Coral and Aqua Big Girl Room


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    Hi! I have been searching for a queen day bed frame. Is this a queen and do you have any info on it?

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    Hi! I love this room! I know that this is a old post, but could you please tell me where the curtains, rug, and lamps are from? Oh and wall color. Thank you so much 😊

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