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Little Lotus Supporting Little Lives

We love supporting companies that give back. Learning about the amazing work that a company is doing in the greater world can be what sets a brand apart for you when making your buying decisions. Little Lotus carries swaddles and sleeping bags to give your own child a good night sleep, but they want to make sure that babies everywhere are getting the help they need.

Little Lotus Sleeping Bag

With each Little Lotus purchase, you will help a baby in a developing country that was born prematurely or underweight with the use of the Embrace Infant Warmer. You can learn more about Little Lotus’ mission here.

Little Lotus Swaddle

Their swaddle features adjustable shoulder straps and wings to get the perfect fit for your baby. The zipper design gives you easy access for diaper changes while still keeping baby swaddled. The swaddle is made of 100% premium cotton on the outside and a temperature regulating fabric on the inside.

Little Lotus New Prints

When baby outgrows swaddling, sleeping bags still keep baby cozy while avoiding loose fabrics like blankets in the crib. You can find the same great fabrics and designs as well as the handy zipper that you saw in the swaddle. It also features a zipper lock to keep curious hands from unzipping in the night.

Little Lotus Sleeping Bag