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Gear You Really Need for Baby #2

When you are buying things for your first baby, the list of all the things you need can seem endless, but what about the second time around? The good news is that a lot of the things you bought the first time will also work great for baby number two. But there are some things that you will need to purchase new for each baby, and even better, there are some things you can purchase to make your life easier when you your second little one arrives. Here’s my list of must-have gear for baby number two.

Replenish the essentials. You definitely need to stock up on things like diapers, wipes and creams, but you also need to look around and replace anything that your first baby used in his mouth. While you don’t have to replace all your bottles, it is a good idea to get all new nipples. Likewise, each baby definitely gets his own set of pacifiers. If you plan on breastfeeding, you don’t have to get a new breast pump, but you should get a whole new set of breast pump parts.

Something to raise up baby number two. Curious toddlers can be adorable but not when they are exploring the new baby with their sticky fingers. Consider a high chair for the new baby that fully reclines and can accept a baby from birth, such as the Bloom Fresco. If you don’t want a second high chair, you can also consider a bouncy seat that raises up when you want or stays close to the floor when you don’t, like the Skip Hop Uplift. Both of these options will allow you to have baby up safely out of reach of her older sibling.

Skip Hop Uplift BouncerUplift Multi-Level Baby Bouncer from Skip Hop

More space for more stuff. By the time baby number two comes around, you are probably going to be a pro at packing a diaper bag with just the right essentials for any outing. However, now that you will be leaving the house with a baby and older sibling in tow, it will mean not only diapers and onesies but also bulkier items like sippy cups, snacks and toys to keep your toddler occupied. Look for a spacious diaper bag that is fully wipeable and has lots of interior pockets, such as the Skip Hop Duo Double.

Something to keep your hands free. If you didn’t invest in a great carrier the first time around, now is the time. Having baby in a carrier or wrap allows you to multitask since you can carry baby close while still having both hands free to help your older child. This is essential for outings as well as long days at home. Look for a carrier like the Boba 4G that features a lot of adjustability for a comfortable fit, a high weight limit and pockets or purse straps to ensure you and baby are always cozy and comfy.

4G Baby Carrier from Boba4G Baby Carrier from Boba

A place for everyone to ride. A double stroller is the number one purchase for many parents when they find out they are expecting baby number two. Look for one that easily folds and is lightweight enough that you can pick it up with one hand as there is a good chance the other one will be occupied. Look for a double stroller with an easily accessible storage basket to ensure you can quickly access the essentials. And if you don’t want to purchase a double stroller, check out these 5 easy alternatives.


Tuesday 4th of October 2016

Since my baby no.2 is on the way this information has helped me a lot to plan my shopping for the baby accordingly. Thanks for sharing such useful piece of information