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In the Nursery with White Farmhouse

For Morgan Ford, White Farmhouse isn’t just a cute name for her blog, she lives on an actual, literal farm with her family of three (soon to be four!). She shares her home and all of its farmhouse charm along with a bit of her family life over on her site. Thank you, Morgan, for letting us take a peek into your home and a closer look at your son’s southwest inspired nursery! We’ll let Morgan take it from here.

I married the boy next door. Both my father and his father are beef cattle farmers. I grew up helping his dad and dreaming to marry a man just like him. Little did I know at the yearly Christmas party his son and I would hit it off and marry a few years later. As a little girl, I remember his dad telling me never to marry during hay season, and after falling in love with his son, we honored that and got married in the fall.

We purchased my husband’s grandparents’ home, in between my family farm and his. We spent one year remodeling it ourselves just in time before our first son was born. Now we are working to build fences and get cattle of our own as we work towards our dream of keeping the family farm going.

Southwest Inspired NurseryCrib | Paint Color

Design inspiration can come from anywhere—what inspired your nursery design?
The photos in the shelves were my grandfather’s. He passed away four years ago at 65 years young from pancreatic cancer. He was a cowboy at heart, the most kind and generous man I know and my inspiration for the room.

Open Storage System in Small Space NurseryRug | Light Fixture

How did your personal style influence your design choices?
I try to be as organized and practical as I can. The shelves and crates make staying organized so easy. Plus, I love change, so I can update the room with baskets I stumble across or anything else I find that is a must-have.

Southwest Inspired NurseryChairTask Lamp

Did you have any unexpected obstacles when creating this room? How did you overcome them or spin them to your advantage?
We struggled on where to add a changing table. We had thought about using one shelf of the open closet, but after much thought, we decided we decided against it. We did not want to wake our oldest in the middle of the night changing the new baby, so we actually moved the changing pad into our room and placed it on a dresser.

Open Storage in NurseryCrates (stained)

If you had to choose one aspect of the design that is uniquely you, what would it be?
The shelving is very unique and very me. I wanted it to be easy to find things not only for me but for my husband, too, when he is on duty. With our first baby, I found it so hard digging through dressers to find his tiny socks and hats. Now I can have everything organized in bins with lots of natural light to see what it is we are looking for. I love the texture that the curtains add and the way they soften the room. Plus, I can pull them closed to hide the mess with the arrival of baby number two. I am sure that top shelf will be full of diapers and wipes in no time because we will really need to stock up with two in diapers!

Southwest Inspired NurseryThrow Blanket | Pillow

Photography by Morgan Ford

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Thursday 24th of August 2017

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