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Control Stinky Odors with Munchkin’s STEP Diaper Pail

If you’ve spent any time walking the baby aisles, you know Munchkin. Their colorful, modern products cross over nearly all the baby categories, so you can spot their fresh ideas and innovative solutions to parenting all over. We’re longtime fans here at Project Nursery, and I, personally, have used (and still use!) many of their products—hello, genius snack catcher! We kind of take it for granted at this point that when we’re talking Munchkin we’re talking quality, but we can’t forget that new parents join the world of baby products all the time and still need to be introduced to the greats. Today we’re talking diaper pails, in particular, Munchkin’s STEP Diaper Pail.

Munchkin's STEP Diaper Pail

Let’s get real about diaper pails. What is the most important job they must accomplish? Making us forget that it is filled with stinky diapers, of course! The STEP Diaper Pail was rated #1 in odor control by a third party lab—that’s some serious cred. First, you can thank their self-sealing bags for keeping odor in check. Yes, when you open the pail—with the handy foot pedal to keep your hands germ-free—the bag is actually cinched shut below and only opens back up once you’ve shut the lid, allowing the newly added diaper to drop down into the bag. Instead of any unseemly odors sneaking out each time you pop the lid, you’ll be treated to a fresh lavender scent, thanks to their odor absorbing baking soda pucks, powered by Arm & Hammer, that fit right into the lid.

Munchkin's STEP Diaper Pail

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the design, this is Project Nursery after all. Munchkin has created a sleek, modern design that will fit seamlessly into your nursery without stealing spotlight from your gorgeous nursery design. Its small footprint and streamlined shape means you’ll easily be able to tuck it next to your changing table or wherever is most convenient to you.

Munchkin's STEP Diaper Pail

It’s a fact of life that you’ll be changing a lot of diapers when you welcome a new baby into your home, but having the right products can make all the difference. You can learn more about Munchkin and their STEP Diaper Pail on their website.

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