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A Modern Take on the Pastel Color Palette

Pastels are a nursery tradition that will never really go out of style. When people think baby, their minds naturally go to those soft and sweet colors. Now, just because it’s a tradition doesn’t mean we can’t give it some modern edge. We were inspired by the new pastel color options from LÍLLÉbaby’s line of Organic COMPLETE Carriers. They took the pastel color palette and turned the dial on those colors to something a little fresher. Pink became a lovely blush, baby blue went a few shades lighter for a powder blue, and pale green got a fresh makeover as a minty seagrass. You know me, I couldn’t wait to test out the shades together in a nursery design—a modern pastel nursery design, to be exact.

Modern Pastel Nursery DesignWallpaper, Felt Floral Garland, Gold Crib, Dresser, Emerald Cut Mirror, Ceramic Bunnies, Faux Succulent, Sheep Stool, Rug, I Have Always Known It Was You Print, Watercolor Print, LÍLLÉbaby Organic COMPLETE Carrier, Scalloped Side Table, Swan Lamp, Faux Terrarium, Glider, Heart Pillow

While I chose to create a girl’s nursery, you can definitely go pastel with a girl or a boy. They also offer a bold navy and, for a limited time, their classic Green Meadows. As much as I could wax rhapsodic about color selections, let’s get into the details about what else makes LÍLLÉbaby’s COMPLETE Carrier special.

LÍLLÉbaby's Organic COMPLETE Carrier - Blushing Pink

First, we love that this is an organic option. While we know it’s not possible to go organic on everything for baby, we love when companies realize how important it is for parents to have that option for a product their babies are going to spend a lot of time in. And believe me, your baby will love being in a carrier all cozied up with mom or dad—for my kids, it was the quickest way to ensure they’d be snoozing when we were out and about. Having the fabric be a super soft brushed organic cotton can’t hurt the snuggle factor.

LÍLLÉbaby's Organic COMPLETE Carrier - Sea Glass

The COMPLETE Carrier allows you to tote your baby in six different carry positions, which means you are sure to find something comfortable for both you and baby. Both the tall neck support and the seat can be adjusted, helping you to find the perfect fit. The generously padded shoulder straps and unique lumbar support will help keep baby wearing a feasible option even as your little one grows. I love the sleeping hood to block out sun and wind from a snoozing babe’s face. It can also double as a nursing cover if you are one of those super moms who has figured out nursing in a carrier and would like to keep things under wraps. A carrier can be a lifesaver for parents, so you want to find one that is really going to work for you.

You can find the COMPLETE Organic carrier on LÍLLÉbaby’s website, where you can see all of the color options and learn more about the COMPLETE carrier.

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