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Nursery Inspiration Sprung from the Pages of Children’s Books

Searching for nursery inspiration stumps a lot of parents—not because they can’t find it but because there are just so many choices! One tried-and-true, no-fail option is looking to a favorite children’s book for inspiration. Whether it’s the heart of the story you love or the color palette of the illustrations, there is plenty to select from. Plus, you can take the inspiration as lightly or literally as you like. We’ve found a number of children’s book inspired nurseries in our gallery—they may be just the right inspiration for you.

A woodland theme with a few tell-tale items—hello, amazing crown light fixture—allows the wild thing to shine through in this nursery.

Where the Wild Things Are NurseryWhere the Wild Things Are Inspired Nursery

With everything from red poppies to emerald green accents, this nursery would make Dorothy feel right at home.

The Wizard of Oz NurseryThe Wizard of Oz Inspired Nursery

Murals allow for a more literal translation of a children’s book theme. This nursery even pulls a favorite quote from The Little Prince.

Little Prince NurseryThe Little Prince Inspired Nursery

The blueberry treatment of the upper third of the walls plus the many bear friends scattered around the room are a more subtle nod at this nursery’s inspiration, whereas the decoupaged dresser pulls illustrations directly from the book.

Blueberries for Sal NurseryBlueberries for Sal Inspired Nursery

This nursery features a barn accent wall to bring Wilbur and Charlotte’s home to life along with framed illustrations from the book.

Charlottes Web NurseryCharlotte’s Web Inspired Nursery

A spoonful of sugar is all it takes for this nursery to be totally on point with a certain British nanny. We love the penguin hamper and artwork that subtly drive this theme home.

Mary Poppins NurseryMary Poppins Inspired Nursery

This nursery took Shel Silverstein’s illustration as a kicking off point for a modern, black and white space.

Where the Sidewalk Ends NurseryWhere the Sidewalk Ends Inspired Nursery

While your little one may not pick up your tattered copy of LOTR until middle school, there’s no harm in finding inspiration from one of your personal favorites even if it’s not technically a children’s book.

Lord of the Rings NurseryThe Lord of the Rings Inspired Nursery

What do you think? Would you use a book as your inspiration for your nursery design?