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An Alternative to a Baby Book (that you can actually finish)

We’ve all heard the stories of the well-intentioned but never quite completed baby books. Or maybe that’s not the issue you for you. Maybe you just want more options, more places to keep things or a better system than being limited to pages prescribed to you in a book. If you are looking for another way to save your most sentimental and precious objects as well as important papers and cards for safekeeping, let us introduce you to the Savor Keepsake Boxes.


These beautifully presented fabric-wrapped boxes are sturdy and high-quality with an acid-free lining to protect your keepsakes. The folks at Savor understand that not only do you want to note important milestone dates, you also need a place to store your hospital bracelets, a first pacifier or even a beloved baby rattle (once your little one has given it up, of course). Their Collections box opens up to reveal a system of drawers (also acid free) to protect all those little things that are just too precious to end up in a shoebox.

Savor Keepsake Box

The Chronicles box holds a filing system with eight vertical files to help you, well, chronicle baby’s important moments and documents. It also comes with more than fifty illustrated labels that you can select from to label your folders. Here’s the spot where you can save baby shower invites and cards, birth announcements, the front page of the newspaper from the day your baby was born, you name it!

Savor Keepsake Box Folders

You know your child will love looking through their “library” as they get older, and you will get to relive all those special memories again and again.

Savor Keepsake Box

Savor also offers a School Years Edition, perfect for keeping track of your child’s class photos, report cards, artwork and more. Stash away your favorites for safe keeping before they get lost in an ever-growing pile.

Savor Keepsake Box - School Years

Savor Keepsake Box - School Years

The quality of the handcrafted boxes allows you to keep them out without becoming an eyesore, leaving them at arms reach rather than buried away in the attic collecting dust.

Savor Keepsake Box

Use the included initials to label the boxes, and you can have a personalized set for each child!

Savor Keepsake Box - Starter Set

You can find the Savor Keepsake Boxes on their website. They are currently available in three colorways and in baby ($80) or school year ($70) options. Update: We loved these so much, we added them to The Project Nursery Shop—find them here!

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