The Project Nursery Baby Monitor is Now Available!

Hey, loyal Project Nursery readers! You’ve heard us talk (more like gush) all about our newest baby, The Project Nursery Baby Monitor. From conception through development to the final testing stages, we can finally say that it’s time to let this baby officially meet the world! Thank you for letting us share the journey with you, it’s been a crazy ride, and we couldn’t be prouder parents. So, it’s with great pleasure that we officially announce the arrival of The Project Nursery Baby Monitor, including the world’s smallest mini monitor in retailers nationwide. Insert pinch-me moment here.

So, go ahead and take a look at all our amazing retailers—Amazon, Babies R Us, Brixy, Buy Buy Baby, Giggle and Right Start for more info.

The Project Nursery Baby Monitor

You’ve got to watch our video, too. It tells the whole monitor story and shows you how easy it is to use.

When we set out to create a baby monitor, we knew we wanted its design to be stylish and sophisticated, but we also wanted it to have all the key functionalities you want in a monitor. The system needed to be super simple to use without a ton of submenus and clicks to navigate and to have a stellar battery life. We’re happy to report, we nailed all of that and more, with additional features like a digital clock, timer and room thermometer.
The Project Nursery Baby Monitor

The Project Nursery Baby Monitor

Another feature we are particularly proud of is our partnership with Rockabye Baby to offer the first and only monitor to come with preloaded lullaby renditions of baby’s favorite rock songs.

The Project Nursery Video Monitor

Well, hello there, mini monitor! This little gem makes it convenient to keep an eye on baby while you’re anywhere in the house.

The Project Nursery Baby Mini Monitor

How cute is our Sight & Sound Bluetooth Projector? Soothe baby with the projection feature, soft glow or various sound selections. It’s a little life saver when it comes to baby sleepy time, trust us!

Project Nursery Sight & Sound Bluetooth Projector

Project Nursery Sight & Sound Bluetooth Projector

And, there’s more to come, so keep checking back for all the latest Project Nursery electronics, and find out more on our entire collection here.


  1. 1

    If we buy and eventually have another child, does the screen show two rooms or will I have to have multiple systems?

  2. 2

    Hi Jamie, thanks for asking! You can purchase additional cameras and pair up to four cameras to a single monitor!

  3. 3
  4. 4
  5. 5

    Thanks Beth,
    So two models – both just released, one 4.3 and one 5 inch? Any reason why some places like Amazon only have the 5 inch while toys r is only have the 4.3?

  6. 6
  7. 7

    Hi! LOVE the project Nursery baby video monitor however we just got ours a few months back and need a new charger as it no longer works. Where can I purchase one? Looked on amazon with no luck. thx

  8. 8
  9. 9

    Hello! I finally got mine up and running and am getting a lot of feedback in monitor – Is this normal with product line. I’ve unfortunately returned 4 monitors in the past (motorola) and was excited to get this one. Any direction/advice is greatly appreciated – absolutely LOVE all the features with this camera & am hoping to get additional camera’s as soon as they’re available! Thank you in advance!

  10. 10

    Hi I just got the 4.3 inch baby monitor and was wondering if it was suppose to be in color in the daylight?

  11. 11
  12. 12
  13. 14

    Hey just got this monitor and I’ve been through a lot already! I was wondering if it has vox or anyway to quiet the background noise? My son has a sound machine in his room and I don’t want to hear it all night.

  14. 15

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