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Haoshi Design: Pure White Modern Magic

Founded in Taiwan in 2009, the philosophy of Haoshi Design is simple and elegant, much like the pieces they produce. When translated, haoshi means good things, and according to the designers, “We believe that life is full of happiness and interesting things. We add a kind of purity and peace into our design concept.”

The work of Haoshi celebrates the bark of a tree, the pattern of feathers and the interlocking forms of a goldfish’s scales. Most of their items are white, calling attention to the textures and patterns of the subjects they highlight. I first fell in love with their work with one of their signature product categories—clocks. This swan clock shows above and below the water line. The wings are hyper detailed, and with the colors restrained to just black and white, Haoshi took an otherwise kitschy motif and made it chic and modern.

Swan Clock from Haoshi Design

Accent lighting is another product category for Haoshi. They make lights in the shape of doves, or in this case, balloons. Alone or in a bunch, this simple balloon lamp hearkens back to childhood days and would look amazing on the wall of an all-white nursery design.

Balloon Lamp from Haoshi Design

The animal motif is a classic, especially when we’re talking about giraffes. We’ve seen giraffes become very modern and streamlined, like this iconic lamp. However I’m feeling like the trend is veering toward more realistic imagery lately, with the popularity of the baby animal photos we’ve seen popping up all over. This paperweight sculpture is highly detailed, yet the blanket of white keeps the look fresh and clean. This tall friend would make great shelf decor near some books or on its own. And if you’re not a giraffe fan, not to worry—this piece will also be available in a menagerie of other animal shapes in Haoshi’s upcoming collection.

Giraffe Sculpture from Haoshi Design

This tabletop merry-go-round clock is a standout. Hyper detailed with Victorian flourishes, this clock makes a statement that is both timeless and timely! The numbers of the clock are on the support pillars around the merry-go-round, and the horses represent the hour and minute hands, so you can actually “read” the clock and know when it is feeding time once again.

Merry-Go-Round Clock from Haoshi Design

Since clocks are Haoshi’s trademark item, I had to include this epic swallow clock. Each bird is intricately detailed, and they can be hung in a traditional circle shape, but I also love the birds hung in “flock” formation. The clock comes with a paper template to tape to your wall so you place the birds perfectly the first time.

Swallow Clock from Haoshi Design

Haoshi Design works in wonder and modern minimalism. The thing I love about their work is the high level of detail and the strict restraint of color. Form and function truly become one with their magical decor. And believe me, the richly detailed items are even more impressive in person.