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Oh Baby! This Modern Felt Banner is the Perfect Nap Time DIY

My little Brody is almost a year and a half old, and there are still a few parts of his nursery that have not been finished. One such spot is the empty vintage hook that has been hanging since before Brody was born. Every time I’ve walked past the hook, I’ve been trying to figure out what to hang on it.

With no perfect solution in sight, I decided to create my own DIY modern felt banner to hang on that lonely little hook. This is what I call a nap time project—it’s quick, simple and mindless. If you’re on the hunt for the perfect little project to start and complete in one sitting, this is it.

DIY Modern Felt Banner

Materials: 2 sheets of stiff felt (12”x18”), 1 wooden dowel 15” in length, pencil, hot glue gun, fabric glue, fabric scissors, twine, baby banner printable template (printed on card stock)

No-Sew Felt Banner

To create the shape of the banner, make a mark halfway (6 inches) across the shorter edge of the felt. Measure 6” up from the bottom corners and mark. Using a ruler, connect the two marks and cut to create the pentagon shape.

Print and cut out the baby banner printable template. Using a pencil, trace the template onto your second piece of felt. To ensure that your pencil markings won’t show on the finished banner, flip the template over and trace it backwards so they will end up on the back of the felt. Cut out the felt wording.

Roll the top of the felt banner over the dowel and secure with hot glue.

No-Sew Felt Banner

No-Sew Felt Banner

Secure the wording onto the felt banner using fabric glue. Then tie a piece of twine to each end of the dowel to hang.

DIY Modern Felt Banner

The lonely hook in Brody’s nursery finally has the perfect companion. I decided to pair this modern felt banner with a strand of pom-pom balls, and I love the pop of fun that it has added to the corner of his nursery.

PS: Here are the DIY directions for the pom-pom garland. It is another one of my favorite nap time projects!

Mandy Roberson

Tuesday 30th of August 2016

Hi Jen!

I used really sharp fabric scissors to cut the felt. For the small areas inside of the letter "o" and "b", I used a boxcutter/xacto knife to create a slit inside of the area that I could slip my scissors into. If you look very closely, my cutting is certainly not without flaws, but from a distance it looks clean!

Hope this helps!


Tuesday 30th of August 2016

Do you have any recommendations for getting nice clean cuts on the letters?