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A Bottle that’s Ready Before You Need It

You know the products that make you say, “Why didn’t I think of that?” The thing they all have in common is that they are amazingly smart solutions to ongoing needs, it’s almost like we can’t believe they didn’t always exist. Well, we are certainly glad they now do, and the Mixie Bottle is one of those baby products—it’s just so darn smart.

Mixie Baby Bottle

Invented by a dad, perhaps in response to experiencing the wrath of a hungry baby waiting for her bottle, the Mixie allows you to prepare a formula bottle before you even need it. How could this be? Well, it comes down to Mixie’s patented, air tight formula compartment located in the base of the bottle. You fill that compartment with the formula powder, the rest of the bottle gets filled with water, and the two will not mix until you are ready. This is a true game changer in formula feeding.

Mixie Bottles

When feeding time comes, you simply pop the button on the bottom of the bottle, which releases the formula into the water chamber, shake to mix and serve. No fumbling with scoops or measurements with a hungry crying baby on your hip. The key is that the lid of the formula compartment pops off and acts as an agitator, assuring everything is mixed well with no clumping. Now you can prepare a bottle for an outing or daycare beforehand, and don’t get me started on the convenience it provides for night feedings. Who really wants to be preparing a bottle at three in the morning? Instead, you can have your Mixie ready and waiting before you head to bed, but we’ll keep our fingers crossed that you don’t end up having to use it at all. And guess what? If baby lets you sleep all night—yay!—and you don’t use it, the bottle is still good to use the next day! Genius!

Mixie Baby Bottle

The BPA-free Mixie is available in two sizes—the 4oz and the 8oz. Its wide-neck silicone nipples are vented and available in three stages—slow, medium and fast flow rates.

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Jody Hedrick

Thursday 14th of July 2016

Hi Patricia, Jody from Mixie Baby here - or 360-696-4943. I apologize for this trouble you are having with our website. If you will please contact me directly I can process your order with the discount included.

Thank you! Jody


Thursday 14th of July 2016

Now this is a simple yet awesome invention. Every new parents should buy this bottle!


Wednesday 13th of July 2016

I am trying to order the Mixie Bottles and your website will not process the order. It keeps saying the required fields and I have them all completed. Can someone please contact me with a remedy?