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10 Tips for a Memorable Gender Reveal

The only thing that’s almost as exciting as finding out you’re expecting is learning whether all things blue or pink are about to invade your home! Whether you wait 12 weeks or 20, it’s a special day when it comes time to share your gender news. Here are a few tried and true, PN-approved tips to nail your gender reveal.

10 Tips for a Memorable Gender Reveal - Project Nursery

1. First, let’s back up. We suggest always reminding your doctor that you’d like the gender to be a surprise. You’d hate to hear a premature pronoun in the examination room when you’ve been dreaming of a Pinterest-worthy reveal party!

2. Ask your doc to put the secret in an envelope and then pinky swear with your significant other that there will be no peeking until the time is right!

3. Size doesn’t matter. If you nail the perfect photo, you can proudly share it with your 500 social media friends, but we suggest keeping the party itself an intimate affair so you can soak in the moment rather than playing host to a crowd of friends and family.

4. Make it a game. We love a little competition. Before the secret’s out, ask your partygoers to share their predictions. Use a chalkboard to keep a tally.

5. Enlist a photographer you can trust. We’re not saying a professional photographer is necessary, but if there’s a 21-year-old Instagram master in your family who knows how to nail an iPhone burst, now’s the time to ask for his or her help.

6. Want to take it one step further? Have a prop on hand for a family photo once the secret is out. These DIY banners do the trick.

Letterpress DIY Banner Kit from The Project Nursery Shop

Letterpress DIY Banner Kit from The Project Nursery ShopLetterpress DIY Banner Kit ($24)

7. Just because you don’t know pink or blue pre-party doesn’t mean your decor should be lacking. We love these gender-neutral decor options.

Oh Baby Mylar Banner from The Project Nursery ShopOh Baby Mylar Banner ($23)

Moon Shadow Tassel Garland from The Project Nursery ShopMoon Shadow Tassel Garland ($29)

8. Most importantly, nail the actual reveal! We absolutely love adding some excitement with confetti. Whether you trust a friend with the secret envelope and the task of ordering or you order one of each, these push-pops won’t disappoint!

Gender Reveal Push-Pop Confetti from The Project Nursery ShopGender Reveal Push-Pop Confetti ($10.50)

9. Prepare yourself for the immediate post-reveal baby name questions. Make sure you and your significant other are on the same page as to whether or not you’re sharing names before your little one’s arrival.

10. Now may be the time to set expectations on how much blue or pink you really want to receive over the next few months. A well-planned registry can help steer guests towards grays, yellows and other colors to complement the traditional boy and girl themes.