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Nature in the Nursery

Nature versus nurture may be the ultimate philosophical discussion when it comes to trying to figure out who exactly our little babies are going to turn out to be, but there is no doubt that nature has always been a major inspiration for design in the nursery.

Recently, we’re seeing an even greater influx of nature-inspired nursery spaces, from tree-filled wallpaper, mountain-scapes, even live plants right in the nursery, and, of course, animals. The artist Charley Harper is known for his illustrations of birds, animals and insects, and they seem especially on point with these nature-loving trends. The Land of Nod released a second Charley Harper nursery collection pulling his illustrations and designs into everything from artwork to rugs to crib sheets.

Flock of Birds Rug

Charley Harper Florida Keys Crib BeddingQuilt | Ladybug Rug | Giraffe Growth Chart

Charley Harper Raccoon PillowRaccoon Pillow

charley-harper-cardinal-stuffed-animalStuffed Animal Cardinal

Charley Harper Growth Chart FlamingoFlamingo Growth Chart

charley-harper-poster-decalDecal Poster

Charley Harper Zebra Rug Zebra Rug

Charley Harper Ladybug Throw Pillow

Ladybug Throw Pillow 

Charley Harper Animal Crib Fitted SheetCharley Harper Animal Crib Fitted Sheet

charley-harper-snake-stuffed-animalToy Snake

What do you think? Charley Harper has a very particular style, but when mixed in with the other pieces in your nursery, we think these pieces could have a really cool vibe.

Minda Purdie

Thursday 10th of September 2020

I’m on the lookout for this Florida Keys quilt! If anyone has a tip on finding one resale, I’d love to know.