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Sweet Dreams—In Style, Of Course!

Every little tot has his or her own timeline for when it’s time to make the leap to the big kid bed. Some of them are 18-month-old crib escape artists, while others will sleep peacefully in their cribs for 12 hours a night until they’re three years old. And every mama is a wee bit nervous when graduation day comes. What helps with those nerves? Adorable toddler bedding! We’ve rounded up our favorites to add some flare to your not-so-little baby’s new digs when the time comes. And if you just can’t wait, these pillows and quilts look pretty darn cute on nursery rockers, too.

ABC Dachshund Pillow CoverABC Dachshund Pillow Cover ($39)

Dreamland Pillow CoverDreamland Pillow Cover ($39)

Organic Cotton Toddler QuiltAbstract Affection Organic Cotton Toddler Quilt ($100)

Apple PillowApple Pillow ($58)

Toddler Bed in a BagToddler Bed in a Bag (available in blue or pink) ($150)

Shop more of our toddler bedding, pillows and throws in The Project Nursery Shop!