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From self-folding strollers to self-installing car seats, let’s just say the baby product game is at a new level, and products just keep getting smarter. We’re starting to see products in the baby world that are crossing boundaries and bringing the kind of technology we are used to seeing only professionals use into the hands of parents. We introduced you to one such product, the Owlet Smart Sock, late last year—it’s a wearable vitals monitor for baby. Today we are sharing an exciting announcement for Android-using Owlet fans, but first let’s talk about how it works.

Owlet Smart Sock Vitals Monitor

The smart sock slips right onto baby’s foot and brings pulse oximetry monitoring right into your baby’s own crib. Or in simpler terms, it’s a sock that keeps tabs on your little one’s heart rate and oxygen levels. Owlet hopes to bring a little extra peace of mind to its customers by allowing you to access this info in your home.

Owlet Smart Sock

The monitor reports to a base station to let you know if baby’s breathing or oxygen levels fall out of normal range and also to a companion app, which was previously only available on iOS products. Owlet is pleased to announce that as of today, Android users may now also get the benefits of the companion app. So what does this app do, you ask?

Owlet App for Android

While the base will alert you when something may be wrong, the app also allows you to check in on baby’s current vital levels, whether it calms your anxiety or you are just a science and technology lover who finds this level of detail fascinating. You can also get easy access to your Owlet’s settings and help info in the app.

The Owlet Monitor is $249.99 and can be purchased at

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    Thats a great device, for mothers like me, that got up 4 times a night to check on my babies.. I would have love to have had this when my babies we’re infants..
    The price is kinda high.. but to ease my anxiety, I would have had to get it, even if it took me broke.. .

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