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Creating a Nursery Nook in your Master Bedroom

One thing is certain: there is always space within your home to welcome your baby! However, the size of that space can vary greatly, and while some babies leave the hospital and go into their own nursery, there are plenty of families that need to get creative in carving out a nursery nook in their own master bedroom. Often these are urban dwelling families, such as Becky and Mike, who live in a 1-bedroom San Francisco apartment. As featured in the 4-part BabyCenter DIY Dream Nursery series, their design dilemma was converting their master bedroom into a shared space with their baby, due in September.

Design Dilemma Small Space

Project Nursery to the rescue! This is exactly the type of design challenge we love to tackle, and we felt confident after looking at some of the before shots that we’d be able to help this couple come up with a solid plan on creating a nursery nook within their bedroom.

Where to begin? The very first step for this couple was to remove all the clothing and clutter, so that the room truly had nothing in it but the bed. By removing everything but the essentials, you are able to determine how to use the space most efficiently and find out what fits and what doesn’t within the room’s footprint. After the clean-out, we gave Becky and Mike ten tips on maximizing a small space that we hope you’ll find helpful, and you don’t miss their video story. Grab a tissue box as it’s a truly emotional journey.

Nursery Nook in Master Bedroom

The couple did an amazing job of implementing our advice. It’s a complete space makeover—and proof, that you really can have a dream nursery, no matter how small it is!

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Sunday 25th of February 2018

[…] The featured pic is from Project Nursery. Their website has the most amazing designs and ideas for “creating a nursery nook in your master bedroom.” Lot’s of wonderful DIY Dream Nursery ideas and working with small spaces. Thank you, Bumps & Babies for the link up! […]

Sunday 8th of October 2017

Our family is looking forward to the baby and we only have a small master bedroom. this is a good idea, we will soon apply it. thanks for your share.


Monday 13th of June 2016

There are always some cute ideas in the okra catalog or if you have a store near you.... They usually just tuck a little crib in the corner and decorate around it so it's like a little nursery nook. We have a small bedroom off our room we are using for a nursery so I've looked at there stuff a lot since our room isn't going to be a grand nursery. Just a little space to put the baby's things and their crib.