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Double Duty: Designing a Multifunctional Nursery

So the stork has delivered the precious package and guess what? There is a new permanent guest in the house—your baby! So now what happens when your old college friends come from far away to celebrate baby’s arrival? Or when, for instance, Grandma and Grandpa want to come stay and help you with the wonderful new addition to the family? While some people have the luxury of a guest bedroom in addition to their nursery, others have to get a little more creative and carve out a double duty use of the space, for baby and house guests alike to share.

When BabyCenter asked Project Nursery to help this couple with their specific design dilemma as part of the DIY Dream Nursery 4-Part Video Series we were confident we could help!

Nursery with Guest Room

While the baby occupies the room most of the time, it’s still nice to know you can offer your visitors a place to sleep. We started our work by looking at the footprint of the room to figure out the best layout for a nursery while keeping a sleeping option for guests an option.

Before Guest RoomSome of the tips included keeping the changer in the closet to create more space and also to choose decor items like a chalkboard, so you can customize your messaging either to baby or to adults. For a full list of our tips on how to successfully create a multifunctional nursery, watch this video and read the full article here. You might just get inspired to try to do the same thing in your house. Watch out, you’ll have visitors knocking down your doors in no time!

Multifunctional Nursery with Guest Room

Nursery in Guest Room