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Free Printables to Make Your Lemonade Stand Extra Sweet

It’s that time of year again—the weather is warming up, and my kids are already begging to have a lemonade stand! Every year we have a community garage sale, and the kids set up their stand to sell lemonade. They actually only stick with it for about 15 minutes before they get bored and decide mom should be in charge! So I thought since I always end up manning their lemonade stand, I may as well make it look cute! So today I’m sharing this free printable lemonade stand sign and banner with all of you just in case your littles con you into the same thing!

Lemonade Stand Free Printables

Download the free printable PDF file here.

Lemonade Stand Printables

I just threw the sign into a simple frame, but you could hang it too!

Lemonade Stand Printables

A hole punch, a pair of scissors and a piece of string are all you need to create the lemonade banner. And in case you’re serving strawberry lemonade, I included two cute berries you can add to it too!

Free Printable Lemonade Banner

Happy summer, friends!

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  1. avatar Brittany says:

    It cuts off half of the banner.

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  3. avatar Beth says:

    Hi Londyn, the .pdf opens up fine for me. What happens when you click on the link?

  4. avatar Londyn says:

    It doesn’t work

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