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Newborn Photo Trend: Floral Wreaths

Oh my gosh, we cannot get enough of this floral wreath newborn photography trend. Newborns have a knack for looking serene, right? Pair that with some gorgeous blooms and you have some seriously frame-worthy prints. We’ve gathered a few to inspire your own photography sessions with your little one. Be sure to scroll down to the end because you won’t want to miss the twelve month series one mama created to document her sweet girl’s monthly growth.

Floral Wreath Baby Photo Natalie Hurst Interiors Natalie Hurst Interiors Image by Jennifer Bacher Photography

Flower Newborn Photo Shootimage from Designs By Ceres

Floral Wreath Baby Photo - Hey Kaily Maeimage from Hey Kaily Mae

Floral Wreath Baby Photo - Candice Benjamin Photographyimage by Candice Benjamin Photography

Flower Number Monthly Baby Photos by Lauren Bowyer#watchavanellegrow series by Lauren Bowyer

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  2. avatar Monica says:

    What size numbers did you use? 19 inch, 24 inch? Thanks in advance!!

  3. avatar swetha says:

    Hi, It’s very nice, did you use a white paper or blanket for the background? Asking since it doesn’t have any creases.
    – Swetha

  4. avatar Beth says:

    Hi Nathalie, Many of these examples are using real flowers arranged around the baby. You can also find faux flower garlands, like this one, to use in a similar fashion.

  5. avatar Nathalie says:

    I’ve been looking online for these flowers buy I seem not to find them, where can I get them?

  6. avatar Beth says:

    Hi Carol, She just shaped flowers into the number shapes.

  7. avatar Carol says:

    Where can I get those flowers as numbers at?

  8. avatar Beth says:

    I imagine you could use either. Good luck!

  9. avatar Darla says:

    Are they made with real or fake flowers?

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