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How to Sew a Sweet Bunny Lovey

A blanket or special plush toy is a security staple of most childhoods, and experts agree that attachment to these objects is beneficial in soothing toddler anxiety. In recent years, smaller “lovey” blankets have gained popularity because they’re easy to take along while still providing the child with a sense of comfort. At just 12″ square, this DIY bunny lovey is totally portable and the best of both worlds—it’s a soft, snuggly blanket with some big-eared personality. Read on to learn how you can sew one yourself!

DIY Bunny Lovey

Materials: 2 contrasting fabrics (1/2 yard each), smooth fabric (1/8 yard or 4″ remnant), thread, scissors, iron, pins, sewing machine, fabric paint and paintbrush

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    There are no right or wrong fabric choices for this DIY bunny lovey, but keep in mind that this will (hopefully) become a lovey for your child to snuggle. With that in mind, I chose a super soft white cuddle fabric and a bright floral cotton. Brushed flannel and thin fleece are also good—just be sure that your choices are machine washable!

    Begin by cutting 13″ squares of your two main fabrics. Download and print this bunny ear template, and cut out four ear shapes (two of each fabric) from the remnants of your large squares. Then cut a 3.25″ square for your face piece. My white cuddle fabric was too fuzzy to paint a face on, so I used a smooth white flannel for that.

    Bunny Lovey Fabric

    Start with the ears. With the right sides of your fabric together, use a 1/4″ seam allowance to stitch the curve. Leave the bottom open.

    How to Sew a Bunny Lovey

    Turn the ears right-side-out with the help of an unsharpened pencil.

    DIY Bunny Lovey

    On your face piece, fold in 1/4″ on two perpendicular edges. Use a hot iron to crease these folds.

    How to Sew a Bunny Lovey

    Flip the face piece over so the folds are underneath. Pin the face, folded corner down, to the corner of your front 13″ fabric square. Use an 1/8″ seam allowance to top stitch only the lower corner.

    How to Sew a Bunny Lovey

    If you did it correctly, the top will still be open.

    How to Sew a Bunny Lovey

    Take your two completed bunny ears and position them on the corner. Flip each ear over and in towards the face. They will overlap as shown below.

    DIY Bunny Lovey

    Align your back 13″ fabric square on top of your front square and ears, right sides together.

    Handmade Small Bunny Blanket Tutorial

    Pin everything together. Make sure you get pins through those ears! Use 1/2″ seam allowance to sew around the edge, leaving a 3″ hole for turning. As you come around the ear corner, be very careful not to accidentally sew the long edges of the ears into the blanket seam.

    Handmade Small Bunny Blanket Tutorial

    Turn the bunny lovey right-side-out. Top stitch around the entire square to close the hole and finish the edges.

    How to Sew a Bunny Lovey

    Add eyes, cheeks and a nose on your DIY bunny lovey face with fabric paint and a detail brush. Let dry.

    How to Make a Bunny Lovey

    This is a wonderful handmade gift idea for a baby shower or first birthday celebration. Go and sew a bunny lovey for somebunny you love today! Not a DIYer? Check out the loveys we have in The Project Nursery Shop!

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      How to Sew a DIY Bunny Lovey


      Tuesday 9th of April 2024

      I just finished my first bunny lovey ... so cute. Wish the pictures would print out along with the directions since it may be months before I make more. Thx for the tutorial !


      Wednesday 10th of April 2024

      So glad you liked it! Thank you for letting us know!


      Wednesday 6th of March 2024

      Great project! Can't wait to make one!


      Tuesday 19th of July 2022

      I love this tutorial! I've made two of these bunnies so far, for friends who had babies. I used a minky fabric for one side and a faux sherpa for the other, and embroidered the bunny's face instead of painting (I backed the face material with interfacing to strengthen it), as well as the baby's name at the bottom, on the plain side. I love how it's simple to follow and comes out so cute!

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