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How to Design a Nursery Without a Theme

It might seem easy to design a nursery without a theme, but more often than not, my clients end up with some sort of theme. Even if it’s loose or abstract, it helps them understand what to look for and how to shop. Sometimes themes appear even when you didn’t intend on having one, and other times they creep in after your tastes start to develop.

I started working with a client recently who had her heart set on an outer space theme for her son’s nursery. After our first design meeting, it became clear that she didn’t actually want a theme at all and that the space idea was putting limits on what we could do with the design. I explained to her that there was no need for a theme at all and that we could still create an adorable nursery with elements that she loves without sticking to one binding theme. Here are a few tips on designing your nursery without a theme.

Use thematic accents. Just because you’re not doing a safari theme doesn’t mean you can’t use that monkey art print you fell in love with. For example, this modern feminine nursery has a beautiful butterfly accent, but it is not butterfly themed.

Modern Feminine Nursery - Project NurseryGirly Chinoiserie Nursery by Sarice Amiee Interiors

Pull the design together using color and pattern. Can’t live without that animal print wallpaper? Pull the colors into other areas of the space and try to keep most of the items in the room in the same design style (modern, traditional, etc.). This eclectic nursery uses shades of blue in various patterns and textures to create cohesion.

Eclectic Blue and White Nursery - Project NurseryFabric Wallpaper Beadboard Oasis by Jodi Smith

Combine multiple themes through style and color. Have multiple themes that you love? Use elements from all of them within the same style or colors. You’ll create a nursery with lots of interest and style but without an obvious theme. This gender neutral nursery was designed with lots of mini themes, like the night sky, animals and safari.

Gender Neutral Nursery by Little Crown Interiorsimage from Little Crown Interiors

Does your nursery have a theme?

Shannon Garrett

Tuesday 7th of June 2016

I love the loose themes of these nurseries! I hate when children’s rooms are too matchy matchy! My daughter’s room fits together really well by color but there are butterflies, dinosaurs, checkered patterns etc! I love it! Thanks for sharing :)

Sarice Amiee Interiors

Wednesday 1st of June 2016

I am Sarice Amiee Interiors-- please properly attribute and tag my work on your Instagram account for your post "nursery with no theme" with the butterfly accents.