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The Only Baby Bathtub You’ll Have to Buy

I’m a firm believer in “buy it once and buy it right.” I’d rather wait to save to buy the thing I really want than buy the temporary thing and replace it with what I really wanted later. With that same frame of thought, I’m always searching for products that can work for my kids for as long as possible. I don’t want three baby bathtubs; I want a tub that gets the job done from the first bath until you are ready to put your child free and breezy in the big tub. The Boon SOAK 3-Stage Bathtub is just that—it’s the only baby bathtub you’ll have to buy.

The SOAK works from the newborn stage and right into the toddler stage (0 to 18 months). Let’s take a look at how Boon gets it done. First, the tub has an adjustable bump that you can move depending on baby’s size, so baby’s bottom will be supported until she can safely sit upright in the tub. The contoured back angles baby in a comfortable recline, and the non-slip foam back will help keep baby in place. Have you bathed a baby yet? They are so super slippery! That’s why a non-slip surface is crucial to make both you and baby more comfortable.

Boon SOAK 3-Stage Bathtub

In the early days of bathing, many parents like to do this job in the kitchen sink. The Boon SOAK fits most double sinks if this is the method you prefer. Personally, I always bathed my infants with the bath right on the floor, and, of course, that method works as well. And, trust me, once you have a toddler in the bath, you will definitely want to move your SOAK into the big tub to help contain the splashing fun that begins at that age, and this easily portable baby tub will work no matter what your preference is.

Boon SOAK 3-Stage Bathtub

You know what else wins over my unitasker-fearing heart? This tub has a temperature check built right in! That’s right, no need to purchase an additional product or worry about doubting the temperature reading skills of your elbow. The drain plug of the bath changes color to help you gauge that the temp of the bath is Goldilocks perfect.

Boon SOAK 3-Stage Bathtub

Boon can always be trusted for sleek design and modern finishings on their baby products. You know what I love about modern design? All those streamlined edges? Super easy to clean. We’ve been swooning over Boon’s bath toys too. Boon is really ensuring that bath time is the sweet bonding time of your pre-baby dreams.

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