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In the (Triplet) Nursery with Ali Hynek

I have one word for you today: triplets! Well, how about three words instead: gorgeous triplet nursery. Ali Hynek is the Founder and Creative Director of Nena & Co. and mama to three newborn babies, Penelope, Ethan and Alejandra. A self-professed lover of color, pattern and structure, Ali’s unique signature style infuses everything she touches, from the beautiful bags, accessories, kids’ clothes and home accents found at Nena & Co., to her stunning bohemian triplet nursery.

Ali lives in Utah with her husband of almost four years and their three new bundles of joy. After three years of infertility treatments, she’ll tell you that she “hit the jackpot” with triplets—and that’s fitting for this mama who likes to make a statement! When she’s not at home with her family, Ali works with Guatemalan artisans to create products with a strong emphasis on hand-loomed, one-of-a-kind textiles for Nena & Co., and they’re all ethically and responsibly made. Ali’s heritage shines through everything she does, and we’re thrilled that she’s sharing a peek into her nursery today. Thanks Ali!

Ali Hynek's Bohemian Triplet NurseryDress | Blanket

Colorful and Bohemian Triplet NurseryWallpaper | Cribs | Gliders

How did your design evolve when you transitioned from the planning phase to the execution of your vision?
Way back when we started trying to get pregnant, I thought for sure it would be a girl and never even considered the idea that we would have more than one baby! So I bought a very elegant and feminine crib from Restoration Hardware. Once I found out we were having two girls and a boy, the design of the nursery went from elegant and feminine to bohemian and gender neutral. A lot can change in four years!

Designing a space for triplets must have been a challenge in and of itself! Did you have any unexpected obstacles when creating this room? How did you overcome them or spin them to your advantage?
Being a first-time mom, I started out with the mindset of fashion over function, which is a bad idea. I wasn’t thinking like a mom yet! It was hard to keep my aesthetic in mind but keep things functional. We added tons of shelves on the wall for toys, books and knick knacks, but we chose a unique shape to make it more interesting. I wanted to decorate the wall that the cribs rested against but wanted it to be 100% safe. I was terrified of something falling on the babies. A statement wallpaper was the perfect solution. I had to cut out things like teepees and big toys like a rocking horse because more than anything, I wanted there to be enough space to put all three cribs in the same room. I also wanted to include two glider chairs and a big enough dresser to fit the essentials for three babies’ wardrobes that also had space for two changing pads on top of it. Thank goodness we had a room to fit all that!

Honeycomb Nursery ShelvesDresser (similar) | Honeycomb Shelves

Now that the room is complete, what was your favorite part of the process? And what do you love the most about the finished design?
I’ve actually never used wallpaper before. I was scared to have something so semi-permanent and expensive go up, especially because it’s such a bold print. But when I saw the wallpaper after it was hung, it exceeded my expectations! If I had to pick ONE moment that was my favorite, it would be picking a pattern and then seeing it up on the wall.

Accent Nursery WallpaperMobile | Crib Sheets | Blanket | Bag

What is that one thing that everyone mentions when they step into this space?
More than anything, people are first blown away to see THREE cribs. Then they quickly ask me where the cribs are from! Next is the wallpaper.

What were your nursery must-haves when you started? Has that changed since you started using the space?
I like to save my money until I can buy a real quality item that I can have forever. I really wanted beautiful cribs that we could give to each child for when they have their own children. It was an absolute must to have quality cribs, and I’m so happy we made that decision. I’m obsessed with their cribs!

Triplet Nursery

Now that the room is finished, what do you wish you had known when you started?
I wish I had known that you don’t NEED everything people recommend. I had so many people wanting to give me advice, and I literally would buy almost everything that was recommended.

What is the one thing that you would tell other parents—especially parents of multiples!—to consider when they’re starting their own nursery design projects?
I would tell parents to focus on the functionality of the nursery and then design around that! With multiples, the fastest and easiest way is the best way most of the time.

Ali Hynek and Husband

Photography by Penny Fuimaono

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