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Finding Books that Both Your Child and You Love

My kids love books. I remember back to when my first son was under a year old, still crawling and saying just a few words, and he would work his way back and forth between his bookshelf and my lap with book after book after book, saying, “Buh?” Seriously, who can resist their child’s request to read a book? The cuddles, the learning opportunities, the sharing of a great story—there are so many tangible and intangible rewards to reading with your little ones. Okay, let me throw a needle scratch in here, I’ll admit that there are books out there that are not my favorite and reading them feels more a chore than cherished family time. The key is to keep your home stocked with good books that both your child and you see value in. For me, I love great illustrations and good heart. The charming new book from Ruth Chan, Where’s the Party?offers both.

Where's the Party? Children's Book

This is the sweet story of Georgie, an adorable cat who loves to throw parties and loves his friends even more. He starts the day planning one of his famous parties, but little does he know, his friends have been working to give him a surprise of his own to show him how much they love and appreciate him.

Illustration from Where's the Party?

My four-year-old loves parties, loves surprises and loves to hear his favorite books over and over. And I love books that pack in discoveries that you can uncover on multiple readings so it’s still fun after a dozen or so times. Author and illustrator, Ruth Chan, has filled her illustrations with details that not only make Georgie’s world rich with life, but also allow your little one to notice new things on each reading, keeping the book fresh and interesting.

You’ll love spending time with these cute characters who enjoy hobbies such as party throwing and pickle making. My kids and I have been wondering what other adventures these friends might get into. And did you know that there is a real life Georgie? He’s the author’s pet cat!

Georgie with Where's the Party? Booksimage from Georgie Tales

In case you missed it, we launched a giveaway for Where’s the Party? a couple weeks ago. You’ll have a chance to win a copy of the book or a grand prize, but there’s just a few more days before the giveaway closes. Be sure to enter soon!

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