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Delight Your Little Ones with a Simple and Adorable Craft

Spring is here, and all kinds of little creatures are coming to life. Our yard is full of ladybugs and little caterpillars that will soon be making their transition to butterflies—they never cease to delight my kids. And another thing that always seems to entertain little ones is a cardboard toilet paper tube! For whatever reason, kids always want to keep and play with them. So I’ve created a fun (and super simple!) recycled spring kids craft in which kids can use their cardboard tubes to create butterflies and ladybugs to their hearts’ content!

DIY Butterfly and Ladybug Kids Craft

Materials: free printable toilet paper tube bugs templates, toilet paper tubes, crayons or color pencils, scissors, tape or glue

Free Printable Spring Kids Craft Supplies

Templates for both a ladybug and a butterfly are included in the free printable. I left the butterfly wings black and white to allow kids to color their wings just how they want. So the first step is to have your little ones color their butterfly wings.

DIY Butterfly Kids Craft

Cut out the bugs’ bodies and wings. Wrap the body around the toilet paper tube and secure with tape.

DIY Butterfly Kids Craft

Tape the wings onto the back side of the tube with the printed side facing the front of your bug.

DIY Butterfly and Ladybug Kids Craft

Now you have a cute little personalized butterfly.

DIY Butterfly and Ladybug Kids Craft

And one spunky little sidekick ladybug. Your kids can color as many different butterflies as they have toilet paper rolls.

DIY Butterfly and Ladybug Kids Craft

And their bugs are ready for play! Happy spring!

DIY Butterfly Kids Craft

And their bugs are ready for play! Happy Spring!

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  1. avatar Kimberly says:

    Great idea, thank you!

  2. avatar Beth says:

    Hi Elayne, If you click on the link in the materials list, you can save the file to your computer or print directly. Have fun with the craft!

  3. avatar Elayne says:

    Great idea. Love it. How can I print this?

  4. avatar Elayne says:

    This is a great idea. Love it.