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This Magical Unicorn Party is Fit for a Princess!

Unicorn lovers unite! Make fairy tale dreams come true with a magical unicorn party! This is such a popular theme for little girlies that we couldn’t resist putting our own spin on it. We’re excited to share some sweet party details to inspire your own unicorn soiree. We promise your fairy princesses will squeal with delight!

Pink and Purple Unicorn Party

This “Sweet Unicorn” invitation from Minted set the stage for a girly, magical celebration with the hot pink, lavender and purple color scheme.

Unicorn Party Invitations

We used fancy layers of purple, lavender and hot pink festooning to create an enchanting backdrop fit for magical unicorns and fairy princesses. It makes a beautiful statement behind a dessert table or as a photo backdrop for your little guests.

Choose a wall that’s a focal point in your home or party location. Cut streamers the length of the wall, and use double-sided tape to adhere to the top. Layer crepe paper streamers and tissue fringe garlands, alternating colors. You could also hang them from a curtain rod in the main area of your celebration. This Magical Unicorn Backdrop Kit comes with everything you need to recreate this look!

Pink and Purple Party Decor

Pink and Purple Streamers

Pink and Purple Unicorn Party

We carried the color scheme throughout all of the party details, including the tissue tassel garland, party balloons, paper goods and sweet treats.

Magical Unicorn Party Decor

This unicorn foil balloon is just too adorable to pass up and looks so sweet in a bouquet with multi-colored latex balloons.

Unicorn Foil Balloon

You know we’re not shy when it comes to desserts, and this party has plenty of them! Your princess will LOVE a lavender ruffle cake sprinkled with edible glitter and topped with a Star Sparkler Candle. Singing “Happy Birthday” will truly be magical!

Purple Ruffled Cake

Simple white frosted cupcakes look pretty with hot pink wrappers atop white milk glass cake stands.

Cupcakes with Hot Pink Wrappers

We love sending little guests home with a favor bag full of sweet treats. What’s better than shiny gumballs, old-fashioned candy sticks and a frosted sugar cookie? This Magical Unicorn Cookie Kit comes with everything you need to bake and package these darling sugar cookies—the cookie cutter, cellophane bags, baker’s twine and our mom’s famous sugar cookie recipe card! We kept the unicorn cookies simple by frosting them white and then adding a black dot eye and sprinkling the horn and tail with sparkly edible glitter.

Unicorn Sugar Cookies

Little girls will go CRAZY for these darling Magical Unicorn Party Favors. Send them home with one (or all three!) of these sweet gifts to remember your party! Guests will just love party favor flair like unicorn necklaces and rainbow and unicorn tattoos.

Unicorn Party Favors

We think it’s super important for any party to have a craft or activity to keep the kiddos entertained. There are many fun options for a magical unicorn party. Here are two of our favorites.

Set up a unicorn horn making station. For this craft, you can use cotton candy cones or simply form cardstock into a funnel shape to make a cone and tape or staple it closed. Other supplies could include ribbon (for the ties), markers, glue, glitter, feathers and anything else you can find to make the horns fabulous. Little guests will have so much fun decorating and crafting! How fun that each child can pretend to be her very own magical unicorn!

Make unicorn food. This is a fun activity that can also be used as a party favor. You will need a variety of candy, such as pixie sticks, Skittles, Lucky Charms or marshmallows, and a bag for each child. The children can fill their bags with different ingredients to make “unicorn food” so they can try and catch their own unicorns. They can take this home at the end of the party.

Pink and Purple Unicorn Party

Photography by Tammy Hughes Photography