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What has Eight Legs and Makes Music All Over?

Do you go to playdates and find yourself saying, “Oh, we have that too.” Or spot a baby playing with a toy happily in the shopping cart and say, “My baby loves that too!” There are some toys that you see over and over again, and guess what, there’s a reason for that. Lamaze is definitely one of those brands that you see time and again in happy babies’ arms because kids love them.

My kids had Lamaze toys, and they were my go-to grabs for keeping my boys busy while in the stroller or playing on the floor. Lamaze toys are outfitted with bright primary colors with strong contrast to catch baby’s eye, and you’re almost always certain to find a friendly face. This guy, Octotunes, is pretty hard to resist. Similar to Lamaze’s other learning toys, you’ll find a variety of textures and tactile experiences for your baby to explore.

Lamaze Octotunes

There’s a tricky time in a baby’s development. It tends to happen once baby is sitting on her own but hasn’t yet started scooting or crawling. It can be pretty darn frustrating for baby not to be able to get up and go, so finding toys that keep your baby satisfied sitting in one spot can be challenging. You want toys that allow your baby to continue to make new discoveries. Each tentacle of Octotunes plays a different musical note when squeezed (oh and that squeezing? great for baby’s developing muscles).

That friendly face I mentioned before? That’s not just for cute factor; the large eyes are meant to draw baby in and help develop eye contact. These are the kind of features you can expect when the toys are created in close collaboration with child development experts. It doesn’t hurt that he’s a big huggable size that is right on baby’s level.

Lamaze Octotunes

While Octotunes can keep your little one busy playing on his own, the two of you can also have fun together with this one. You can even play songs. Good thing he’s an octopus, so we can get a whole octave of notes. Brush off your old piano lessons and see if you can get DO-a-deer going or download Lamaze’s handy tunes to play all sorts of songs for your little one. Such a fun idea!

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