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The Little Black Dress of Diaper Bags

Picking a diaper bag is as personal a choice as is finding the perfect dress. Ju-Ju-Be knows this; that’s why they have so many different bags to suit each purpose, whether it’s a quick trip to the store or the daunting task of tending to your baby on an airplane. They have something that goes with everything and works for every occasion. We’ve been fans for a long time (we even stock Ju-Ju-Be in our shop!), and their new Onyx Collection is knocking our socks off. Pam and Melisa are opening these new bags up and giving you the full scoop. Watch to the end to hear about a Willy Wonka-style giveaway that Ju-Ju-Be is throwing. That’s right, golden tickets and all!

This is the one baby purchase that is really all for you, so be sure to pick out something you love. This bag can last you for many years, but forget the test of time, it’s worth it to get a quality bag that will stand the test of kids! Hey, maybe you’ll be one of the lucky ones to find a golden ticket in her bag!

Ju-Ju-Be Black Onyx Collection

Find out all the details at Ju-Ju-Be tonight 12AM ET/9PM PT. The bags will be available for purchase April 26th. Which bag will you choose? Personally, I love the Black Magic (striped) bag.

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