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Making Fitness a Family Affair

Okay new mamas (and daddies too!), we know you have about a million excuses to not get out there and exercise (including one that weighs somewhere between eight and twenty pounds and does a whole lot of crying and pooping). But listen up—we’ve heard them all, and we don’t buy them. It’s not that they’re not totally valid, because we’ve been there too—the sleepless nights, the back-to-back feeding sessions, the general energy suck that is life with a baby. But here’s the thing. You matter. Your health and sanity and happiness are important—so important. And guess what? Exercising is an amazing way to not only take care of yourself but to feel great too.

O2 Hybrid Jogging Stroller from Orbit Baby

As long as your doctor has cleared you to start working out again, we’re encouraging you to get out there and move! Think of us as your own personal cheering section, and here’s the best part—now that spring has sprung, you can take your workout outside. And whether you’re a seasoned runner or you’re more comfortable walking for exercise, the O2 Hybrid Jogging Stroller System from Orbit Baby is your ticket to maintaining your fit mama status and to make it a family affair while you’re at it.

O2 Hybrid Jogging Stroller from Orbit Baby

Here’s why the O2 will become your go-to stroller when it comes to getting fit with baby in tow. It features two distinct seating modes that are optimized for speed and stability, no matter where your adventure takes you. The high position (or city mode) is perfect for your nightly family walk around the neighborhood, while the low position (or performance mode) is ideal for walking the trails at your favorite park or a workout that includes jogging or running.

Not only do the dual seating modes give you the flexibility to position baby safely and securely while you’re getting your fitness on, but you can also choose whether baby faces you or faces the world when you pair the O2 Stroller Base with an Orbit Baby seat. So whether baby is stroller-averse when he can’t make eye contact with mama or you just can’t bear the thought of not being able to glance down at your little one mid-workout, this is the stroller for you. And when he’s curious enough to check out the scenery, rotate the seat and enjoy the view together—it’s that simple!

O2 Hybrid Jogging Stroller from Orbit Baby

A smooth ride, adjustable to your needs and baby’s comfort and optimized for the active family—what more could you ask for? Well, what if we told you you could win one? Head on over to our Fit Mama Giveaway for your chance to win the O2 Hybrid Jogging Stroller System from Orbit Baby, along with four other amazing prizes (over $1500 in value).

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