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Are You Drinking Enough Water for You and Baby? Here’s Our Trick for Remembering.

As we spend this month hitting fitness topics, we’d be remiss if we didn’t talk about one of the most important aspects of exercising, especially exercising during pregnancy—hydration. That’s right, mamas, when you’re cooking up a little baby from scratch, you want to make sure you are drinking plenty of water.

Oasis by Nalgene

I’ll admit that I often forget to drink enough water throughout the day. When I was pregnant, I found the easiest way to remember was to have my water bottle right with me and commit to making sure I refilled it a certain number of times a day. And with Nalgene’s 32 Ounce Bottle—or even the 48 Ounce version!—you’ll have less trips to get up and refill your bottle. Trust me, you’ll appreciate this, and it will come in handy again when you are breastfeeding and you see just how much water you drink.

Nalgene Silo - Cosmo

I got my first Nalgene water bottle when I was in college, and I’ve been a fan ever since. I have two major requirements when it comes to water bottles. I need them to be leakproof and easy to clean. Nalgene’s water bottles boast both benefits and are even dishwasher safe (woohoo!). Throw in the fact that they are durable, BPA- and BPS-free and guaranteed for LIFE, people, it’s a hard bottle to beat.

Plus, they have water bottles just right for the kiddos too, so you can start healthy habits young. The Grip ‘n Gulp is perfect for little hands, and the durability and spillproof factors will play big when those little hands inevitably drop, put, tip, stash their little water bottle everywhere.

Nalgene Grip 'n Gulp

Big kids will enjoy the On the Fly bottles for their cool colors and graphics, and parents will love an easy-to-open cap that uses a press and pop system that even little gulpers can handle.

On the Fly

Nalgene has many bottle options in size, shape and color to fit moms, dads, toddlers and big kids. Take care of yourselves, and keep the whole family hydrated.

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