This Free Printable is a Piece of Cake—Literally!

Sometimes I find myself telling my kids something is a piece of cake, as in no big deal, easy peasy—just do it already! They most often don’t agree with me. From potty training, to bike riding, to learning to do certain chores, they’re pretty convinced that mom is crazy! So in an effort to reinforce positive behavior in the areas they may be struggling with, I created this free printable cake treat box. I made one to fill with treats, and I tell them that once they’ve mastered their new skill, they’ll get the box! So far they seem pretty excited about earning their cake, and this cute little box gets to sit out on display to remind them of their goal. Of course, paper cake slices would be just as fun for party favors or play food!

Free Printable Piece of Cake

Materials: free printable piece of cake, white cardstock, scissors, glue (optional: scoring tool, toothpick)

Free Printable Piece of Cake

Cut out your cake along the solid gray lines.

Free Printable Piece of Cake

Fold along the dotted gray lines. If you have a tool for scoring, you can score the lines first to make folding easier.

Free Printable Piece of Cake

Your folds will create tabs for you to glue your box together.

Free Printable Piece of Cake Treat Box

If you want to add the little flag on top, cut it out and fold it in half along the dashed line. Then add glue and attach it to a toothpick. You can just poke the toothpick through the top of your cake.

Free Printable Piece of Cake Treat Box

And voila—it’s a piece of cake!

Piece of Cake Printable

The great thing is you can fill your box with anything you want, like stickers, bubbles or little toys—it doesn’t have to be candy. And my daughter is just as excited to play with the cake box as she is for the treats inside. I can see myself making several of these for our next pretend tea party!


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    Hi, please can you let me know how many of these ‘cake slices’ make up a ‘full cake’. I love this. Definitely one of the best paper cake slice boxes I have seen so far! :D

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