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Don’t Run Out, Use Boxed!

We’ve all been there before. A busy day has got the best of you, and bam, it’s dinner time. No problem, right? Spaghetti and meatballs for the family coming right up. Whoops, you’re out of spaghetti. And sauce. Happens to me on a regular basis these days. I’ve never been busier running Project Nursery while trying to run the show on the home front too, which is why I’ve got a new mantra for 2016—bulk is beautiful!

I’ve made it my mission to streamline the grocery buying process, so I’m prepared and always stocked with essentials and #dontrunout in those clutch moments. This means I’m buying more in bulk, after all I’ve got five mouths to feed. I’ve added to my regular routine, and I’m off to a great start with my first bright blue box arriving at my doorstep just this week. Delivery

Boxed is an easy way to stock up on groceries and household products in bulk, at wholesale prices. Since this was my first time trying them, I zoned in on ordering typical pantry and household staples like granola, kids snacks, gummy vitamins, toilet paper and lots of cleaning supplies. Plus, I added a few fun extras for me.

Here’s a look at just a teensy bit of what I ordered: Supplies

There are other online shopping services popping up in my area, but for me, Boxed stood out for a few simple reasons.

  1. No Stress Ordering. Take the stress of zigzagging the grocery aisles out of your life and order right from your phone, using their free app available for iPhone and Android. Moms love shopping the app because it’s easy to use, with a daily news section that updates with new products and deals.
  2. Low Prices. These guys guarantee major savings, with up to 80% off retail prices. Buying in bulk for the win!
  3. Free Delivery. Yay for free shipping on orders over $50! And no parking lot fiascos to boot.
  4. Cute Box. Guess who loved that big blue box? It turned into an instant play space for my five-year-old. It doubled as a… a) fairy garden b) rocket ship c) canvas art studio d) all of the above! Now, I call that a win-win!

I used to shy away from buying in bulk. It scared me, and frankly, I didn’t think I had the set up for storing bulk items. But, with a few tweaks at home, I’m a full fan.

  1. Store Smart. Take products out of their packaging so you can squeeze more into one area and make a smaller storage area work.
  2. Designate an Area for Bulk. I’m low on pantry space, so I carved out a small space in our basement and set up wire racks to store extra groceries and cleaning supplies. I also cleaned out our upstairs linen closet to make extra space.
  3. Focus on Essentials. While I may want the giant tub of Almond Butter, the truth is my fridge space will suffer, and it will take me a mighty long time to use up. I’m better off buying in bulk only the items that I know we’ll use regularly like toilet paper, packaged snacks and shampoo.

Bottom line, try Boxed. You’ll love it.

PERK ALERT! Project Nursery readers can receive 15% off and free delivery on your first order with code PROJECTBOXED at checkout (first order only, max. discount $30, ends 5/15/16).

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