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5 Design Finds So Sunny that You May Need Sunblock

So New York City is one big cuckoo icebox right now. Winter has been totally cute and all, but by this point in the year, all the good half price Valentine’s Day candy is gone from CVS, and personally speaking, I just want to skip ahead to May. Sadly spring seems so far away, so I took it upon myself as designer, superhero and friend to curate five easy ways to bring a little sunshine up in your piece. So get ready, because we’re Walking on Sunshine!

Let’s start with something cute and chic! This table lamp is a design classic. Like a little friend, this bright little guy will put a warm glow on anything you may want to highlight.

Binic Table Lamp by FoscariniBinic Table Lamp by Foscarini

Design doesn’t have to be too much of a commitment or cost more than ten bucks! This set of tissue paper pom poms adds a big splash of sunshine on a teeny tiny budget! Hang ’em up for the winter when you need a little extra boost of warmth! A super-fun temporary sunny fix!

Tissue Paper Pom Poms from Big Dot of HappinessTissue Paper Pom Poms from Big Dot of Happiness

This rainbow wallpaper makes me smile! The supersaturated colors add an amazing POP! I would rock this look as one accent wall in an all white or all black space—it would send everyone over the rainbow!

Rainbow Yellow Removable Wallpaper by WallCandy ArtsRainbow Yellow Removable Wallpaper by WallCandy Arts

Sometimes you don’t want the strong sun—you just want a little warm ‘n mellow, and I totally get that. I prescribe the boho vibe of a soft yellow crib sheet. The look is clean and serene.

Booti Butter Crib Sheet by Rickshaw DesignBooti Butter Crib Sheet by Rickshaw Design

Okay, so I traditionally always say yes to three things: French fries (duh), seeing Ryan Gosling shirtless and adding a disco ball to any and all decor. One could opt for a disco ball displayed in a corner or hang it in lieu of a central chandelier (I suggest a 16″ size for an average-sized bedroom). The thing I love about disco balls is if placed correctly, they are equal parts edgy, chic, unexpected and fun! I mean, most people associate them with fun and nightlife—how could you go wrong? They are also completely gender neutral. For extra chic points try one in GOLD, the hot metallic color of the moment!

Gold Mirror Disco Ball from AmazonGold Mirror Disco Ball from Amazon