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Last Chance! Score a $50 Baby Monitor Coupon Now

Have you heard the news? Hard to have missed it since we’ve been pretty loud and clear about the launch of our very own Project Nursery Baby Monitor! Yeah, that’s right. We’ve proudly created and designed a baby monitor that has state-of-the-art functionality AND is beautiful to look at. So whether this is a reminder or the first time you’re hearing about it—join the club of readers eagerly awaiting for the monitors, available in retail stores in June, and get your coupon now.

The Project Nursery Baby Monitor

And because at Project Nursery, we are believers in not just following trends but rather, creating trends, we know you, our trendsetting readers, will want to have first dibs on our monitor. That’s why we are offering you an exclusive deal you can’t miss. From now through February 26th, go here to receive a $50 coupon code off the final retail price. Our new baby monitor features a 5-inch high-def screen, the ability to record video, the world’s first-ever mini monitor screen and so much more. Hurry, though! We’ve only got a select amount of $50 off coupons that we want to offer to our loyal readers first!

The Project Nursery Mini Baby Monitor

Patience is a virtue. So as you patiently wait until the monitors are available in June, we want to reward you with this coupon. The coupon is only available until February 26, 2016, so get the coupon now!

Sleeping Baby


Sunday 21st of February 2016

Awesome would love this.