Hey Valentine, I Like How You Roll

There are two things I absolutely can’t resist—a good pun and an awesome retro Volkswagen-style bus! This year I combined the two to create these printable classroom valentines for my kiddos to hand out at school. And today I’m sharing the file so you can make these super simple cards too!

Free Printable Valentines

Materials: printable classroom valentines, heavyweight card stock, scissors, glue dots, one bag of individually wrapped Rolo candies

Free Printable Valentines

Print the PDF on letter size heavyweight card stock, and then cut out each bus with scissors. At this point you can have your child sign the back of each valentine.

Free Printable Valentines

After your kids have signed each valentine, add one glue dot to the bottom of each Rolo and attach them to the bus wheels.

Free Printable Valentines

Free Printable Valentines

And your classroom valentines are ready to roll (pun intended)! Could it be any simpler? Take these to class to share with teachers and friends, or hand them out to family members who could use a smile! Happy Valentine’s Day!


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    Hi Jillian, Have you tried downloading the file to your computer and then emailing it to the printing center as an attachment?

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    Hi there! I’m trying to download these super cute Valentines but it looks like they are no longer there. Is there anyone still working on this site that you can send them to me? Thank you!

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    I’m having having the same issue as Megan – the download won’t work. I’d love to have these awesome valentine’s.

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