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If You Love to Sleep, You’ll Love Love to Dream

I love to sleep, and if there’s one thing I miss about my pre-motherhood days, it’s the freedom to sleep in as long as I want on the weekends or take a nap when I’m feeling a little bit rundown. I really do consider myself the luckiest mama on the planet because my little ones are pretty much perfect, but unfortunately they share the same flaw, and it made the first year of both of their lives absolutely brutal—no matter what we did or how much I cried from sleep deprivation or the promises that my husband made to our infants (“I’ll buy you a car when you’re 16 if you sleep through the night tonight!”), they totally sucked at sleeping.

Some mamas cry out of desperation (read: me) and some mamas take matters into their own hands, and when Hana Krawchuk’s newborn son Elijah needed a little extra help settling into a peaceful sleep, she was inspired to start Love to Dream. Thanks to a wonderful nurse, she learned how to swaddle her baby with his arms up, and guess what? It worked! So with a soundly sleeping baby, a background in fashion design and her newfound mother’s intuition, Hana set out to make a swaddle that would allow babies to sleep on their backs with their arms up, just like Elijah.

Love to Dream Swaddle UP

Hana designed a new swaddle that featured “wings” above the shoulders, and she tested it on her son as well as a group of other babies. It helped all of them to sleep better, and that’s when she knew she was onto something great. In a traditional swaddle, baby’s arms are either crossed across his chest or down by his sides, but her swaddle design allowed him to sleep in a more natural position with arms up. It applied gentle, even pressure around baby’s body while still allowing for plenty of movement from the hips down, all with the arms positioned inside of the swaddle’s wings.

Hana noted that her design allowed babies to self-soothe and wake up less frequently. After refining, simplifying and trying out her swaddle again and again, the very first factory-made version of the Love to Dream Swaddle UP was made, and it sold out within two weeks. In less than a year, Love to Dream was being sold in 300 stores in Australia, and it soon became available all over the world, including the US. If that’s not a success story and a testament to a truly great idea, I don’t know what is!

Love to Dream Swaddle UP

Love to Dream now offers a sleep system that features three stages to help your little one sleep from her newborn days all the way through the toddler years (up to three years old). The Swaddle UP is appropriate for 0-4 months, and it allows you to swaddle your baby in the Love to Dream signature arms up position. This not only promotes self-soothing, but it also reduces the risk of accidental rolling from back to front. The snug fit calms baby’s startle reflex, while the hip-healthy design allows baby to sleep with hips and legs in the correct alignment. The Swaddle UP will never unravel like a traditional swaddle and pose a suffocation risk, and it features thoughtful details like twin zippers for easy diaper changes and an access point for the stroller harness so you can still use the swaddle when you’re out and about.

When baby is ready to transition out of the swaddle, the Swaddle UP 50/50 is the perfect way to ease him towards sleeping with his arms completely free. It’s designed for use from 4-8 months, and it will work during this transitional period whether you started with the Swaddle UP or another type of swaddle. Simply zip off one wing at a time to help baby get used to the feeling of having his arms out.

Love to Dream Swaddle UP 50/50

Finally, the Nuzzlin and InVenta Sleep Bags will help your little one sleep comfortably up to 36 months. They are made from temperature regulating fabrics that will keep them cool and reduce the risk of overheating. The Nuzzlin is made from 100% cotton muslin that stretches to ensure a comfortable fit. And the InVenta features the Genius Cooling System™, a built-in zipper that allows you to open or close vents to regulate your little one’s temperature.

The Love to Dream collection of products is designed with functionality, usefulness and innovation in mind. The company wants to make parents’ lives simpler and less stressful, giving them more time to love their sweet little babies. And when it comes down to it, what’s more important than that? We love Love to Dream so much that we included them in our Share the Love Valentine’s Day Giveaway. Check out all the amazing prizes that are up for grabs, and enter for your chance to win them all!

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