Splish Splash, Baby’s Taking a Bath

Some babies and toddlers love bath time, and others complain and complain…until they are actually in the water with some fun bath toys. I’m not kidding, the right bath toys can transform bath time from a necessary chore to a giggling, splashing good time, and Boon is just killing it with their bath toys. Seriously, their light up scuba diver is just the cutest.

Marco Bath ToyLight Up Marco Bath Toy

Pipes Bath ToyPipes Bath Toy

Bath Fishing Rod ToyCast Fishing Rod Bath Toy

Cogs Bath ToyCogs Water Gears Bath Toy

Chomp Whale Bath ToyChomp Whale Bath Toy

Suction Cup Jellies Bath ToySuction Cup Jellies Bath Toy

What makes bath time fun for your kids?

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