Get Ready to Fill these Adorable Easter Baskets

Celebrating baby’s firsts is so much fun, and with each new holiday, you get to select those key elements that make your family’s holiday traditions come alive. In my family, we reuse the same Easter baskets every year, so I spent some time selecting the perfect Easter baskets for my boys, and they look forward to bringing them out each Easter. Whether you like to change out your basket every year or are looking for that special basket, we’ve pulled together some adorable Easter basket choices for you.

Wicker. A basic wicker basket works great for a natural look or to use with a liner. The aqua version adds a little extra punch.

Handmade. We love incorporating handmade items into holidays, especially when you are purchasing something sentimental. Extra points if you can make one yourself!

Liners. These basket liners are adorable and can be personalized. They are also a great option if you know you want to change up your child’s basket appearance from year to year. Buy a basic wicker basket and go from there.

Ultra Cute. Some of the baskets out there are so cute that your child may have trouble parting with them at the end of the season. This puffy chick could fit right in with your child’s stuffed animals.

Traditional. Here are two more traditional choices with sweet embellishments.

What’s your family’s Easter basket tradition?

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