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A Healthy Treat That’s So Sweet, Your Kids Won’t Miss the Cookies (Maybe!)

With such an overload of holiday cookies and sweets, I love the idea of making a fruit Christmas tree—it’s an unexpected, healthy and yummy holiday treat. I made one for my two year old’s preschool holiday party the other day, and I was so happy to see the kids really enjoy it! They didn’t even miss the cookies.

Fruit Christmas Tree Tutorial

Fruit Christmas Tree
Note: Use organic ingredients whenever possible.
1 large pineapple
1 bunch green grapes—cut in half or quartered
1 bunch red grapes—cut in half or quartered
1 container strawberries—cut in half
1/4 watermelon
cookie cutters

Cut the top off of the pineapple and discard. Then, cut the pineapple into a cone shape like a tree. Use toothpicks to attach the fruit to the pineapple so it looks like a decorated tree. I used cookie cutters to make shapes out of the watermelon.


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