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A Colorful Space for Playing

Our very own Kristin revealed her kids’ amazing new colorful playroom space, and we are still oohing and ahhing over it. I mean, just look at that fabulous chalkboard accent wall. Let’s hear what Kristin has to say about the space.

I love everything about how this playroom turned out. The vibe it gives off is electric, and I’m so glad my kids finally have a space to play and express their creativity.

Colorful Playroom - Project Nursery

Playroom with Teepee - Project Nursery

Playroom Book Storage - Project Nursery

Kids Art Display in Playroom - Project Nursery

The accent wall was my design inspiration for the space. I wanted the wall to be the main focus and to deliver a wow factor. I partnered with a dear friend at Seamless Details who brought my vision to life flawlessly. It makes my heart smile every time someone comes in and says, “WOW!”

Colorful Playroom Accent Wall - Project Nursery

One of the biggest challenges we faced in the original space was organization. I found the key to an easy clean up—and a happy mommy—is to give every toy its own home. The elfa Shelving System provides a functional design, making the toys accessible for kids of any size. And my favorite part is that it helps them know where to put their toys when they’re done playing. I especially love the toddler height for Blake, allowing him to access all of his trains and dinosaurs with ease.

Elfa Shelving System for Playroom Storage - Project Nursery

Elfa Shelving System for Playroom Storage - Project Nursery

I’m also a huge fan of these vibrant storage baskets. Not only do they serve a purpose, but they also add pops of color throughout the room.

Colorful Playroom Storage Baskets - Project Nursery

Another key factor when designing this space was that everything in the room needed to be able to be cleaned easily. Check out the stylish chevron rug. If the kids spill, no problem! I can simply throw it in the wash. That’s right—it’s machine washable!

Bean Bags and Kids Play Table - Project Nursery

Because Addison and Blake are four years apart in age, I made sure to incorporate furniture that’s just the right size for both them. They’ve made endless creations at their pint-sized play table.

Kids Play Table - Project Nursery

The teepee is my daughter’s second home. I love discovering their little heads sticking out while she reads to her brother.

Kids Playroom with Teepee - Project Nursery

One of their other favorite elements is the bean bags. They use them as chairs when playing with their friends or for lounging during movie time. I’ve even caught Blake napping on his a few times.

Colorful Bean Bags - Project Nursery

The kids finally have a place all their own that allows their imaginations to run wild. And I have to admit, this has become my favorite room in our house too.

Kristin Saulsbury's Colorful Playroom - Project Nursery

photography by Lynda Kennedy Photography

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