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Soft and Cozy Celestial Nursery

I’m one of those people who’s always been super picky with fabrics. I like things soft, with smooth seams and definitely nothing scratchy. I was the kid complaining about the tag in my clothes (before they made them silky smooth like they do today). Clothing, bedding, furniture—I have to touch them before I buy them. This became even more true once I had children. Why would I ever want something scratchy or rough against my sweet baby’s skin? BabyBjorn gets it and recently released a new version of their iconic baby bouncer, and get this, it’s even softer. Meet their Bouncer Balance in soft cotton jersey.

Not only does the bouncer’s fabric feel soft to the touch, it just looks cozy—so much so that it inspired us to design a nursery with the same soft and cozy vibe. This modern but calming space with celestial overtones will be as comforting to baby as playing in the BabyBjorn Bouncer.

Soft and Cozy Celestial Nursery Design Board - Project NurseryWish Upon a Star Wallpaper, Zodiac Art Print, Wrightwood Armoire, White Cloud with Gold Stars Mobile, Classic Crib, Crib Sheet, Felt Basket, Fairy Doll, Sloth, Tufted Arm Chair, Throw Blanket, Side Table, Table Lamp, Twinkle Twinkle Art Print, Baby Bjorn Bouncers, Rug

The soft cotton jersey collection of bouncers features all the benefits babies have been loving in these modern bouncers for years. We think you’ll love the fact that it is battery and cord free. It’s built in such a way that baby’s own movements keep the bouncer bouncing and your baby happy. Your little guy can control the movement, and you’d be surprised how fast babies learn that kicking their legs and wiggling around gets the bouncer going, yet they are in control of the pace.

BabyBjorn Bouncer Soft Cotton Jersey CollectionBeige | Dark Gray | Pink

Its ergonomic design supports baby’s head, neck and back, and it can be used for much longer than many baby bouncers (newborn to two years). The bouncer can be set at three different positions depending on if your baby is in an active mood or a bit snoozy; it also folds flat for easy storage and travel.

The BabyBjorn Bouncer Soft Collection is currently sold exclusively at Giggle for $219. Colors are selling out fast, so if you love it, hop on over to get one before they are all gone or sign up to hear when your favorite color is back in stock.

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