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Making Hats and Scarves Harder to Lose

Do you send your kids off to school in the cold weather with your fingers crossed that their hats, mittens and scarves will return home with them? It’s gotten to the point where I have home gloves (toasty and waterproof) and school gloves (cheap as I can find them) for my kids because, even with the most responsible kids, cold weather gear is just easy to lose.

While there may be a sea of nondescript gloves (with no spot to write a name, I might add) in the lost and found bin, these personalized hats and scarves will stick out, and your child can reclaim them in no time. But here’s hoping they make it home on your kid’s head!

Chevron Personalized Hat and Scarf - The Project Nursery Shop

Polka Dot Customized Hat and Scarf - The Project Nursery Shop

You won’t have to worry about another kid mistaking these hats and scarves as her own.  You can customize them down to the colors or even if you want ear flaps on the hat. And we all know how much kids love to see their name on things! Don’t you think they’d make a great holiday gift?