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How to Make Thanksgiving Fun for Kids

Let’s face it, Thanksgiving can be a tough sell for little kids. Wait, no presents? No candy? Not even a song to sing? Add in a picky eater, and Thanksgiving can make some kids the furthest from thankful. Now we know Thanksgiving is all about being grateful, and we think with a little bit of effort, you can get your kids on board too.

Make Thanksgiving Fun for KidsCrayons | Apple Turkey | We are So Thankful | Thankful Turkey | Kids Table | Thanksgiving Craft Container | Butcher Paper Tablecloth | Turkey Centerpiece | Snack Cornucopia

Get Thankful. Spend the month sharing what you are thankful for with a thankful tree, wreath or turkey (pictured above). By the end of the month, your kiddos will be in a grateful mood, and you’ll have a cute decoration to make your home festive—not to mention lots of giggles over the sweet things your kids select as what they are most grateful for.

Get Crafty. There are so many sweet Thanksgiving crafts. We love having the kids contribute to the Thanksgiving table by creating fruit turkey centerpieces or adorable edible cornucopias, and nibbling on the “decorations” will help stave off hunger while they wait for dinner.

Get Busy. Forget about Thanksgiving being the boring holiday with activities right at your kids’ fingertips. Stock your table with crayons, and line the surface with butcher or kraft paper for a fun activity. The result is sure to be your favorite tablecloth, and now no one has to worry about who is the first to drip the gravy!