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2015 Holiday Gift Guide for a Tot

Your little tot may be one of the easiest to complete your holiday shopping for, but sometimes, the sheer number of options can be overwhelming. We put our heads together to share some great gift ideas for your kiddo to make the job just a little bit easier. Let’s take a closer look at the items perfect for your little tot featured in our Holiday Gift Guide and Giveaway.

Project Nursery 2015 Gift Guide for Toddler

2-Pack of OlaSprout from Olababy
Get kids excited about taking mealtime into their own hands with a spoon especially designed with their needs in mind. There are some kids who start grabbing the spoon from day one, and then there are those toddlers who really like being fed by mom or dad. Encourage self feeding with a spoon like OlaSprout. It feels good in their hands and is soft and flexible enough for a baby to use for a teether, so you know it won’t hurt their mouths as they inevitably miss the mark a few times during mealtime (a $15 value).
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OlaSprout from Olababy

My Sing-Along Book and Personalized Music from I See Me!
I See Me!, known for their beautifully illustrated and personalized books, is taking things up a notch with personalized music. Can you just imagine your child’s delight when she listens to music that features her name? Classic children’s songs like The Wheels on the Bus and You Are My Sunshine have all been updated to include your little one’s name right in the tune. This truly is the perfect gift for your music loving tot (a $40 value).
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I See Me!

$150 Gift Card from Little Adi + Co.
If you’ve been searching high and low for modern clothes for your kiddos, let us point you in the direction of Little Adi + Co. Here you’ll find children’s clothing with a cool vibe—some are minimalist and others sport clever sayings. And if you look carefully, you’ll even find some things in there for mom. We won’t tell if you pick something up for yourself at the same time you’re shopping for your little one (a $150 value).
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Little Adi + Co.

3D Play Rug and a FunPit Table and two stools from Luca and Company
What we love most about Luca and Company is that their products allow your child’s imagination to run wild. You can expect products that facilitate imaginative play but don’t dictate how it’s done. There’s no beeping and talking toys to overstimulate your child, just beautiful well-made toys that your kids will want to play with for hours. The FunPit table’s top opens up to reveal storage space within, which provides easy clean up at the end of a busy creating session. The 3D play rug will offer loads of imaginative play as toys ride and dolls and figures explore the surface (a $450 value).
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3D Play Rug and FunPit Table from Luca & Company

Red & Lime Green Tweat Snack Containers from Ubbi
We’re always searching for cool new snack containers, and we’re not surprised that our innovative friends at Ubbi came up with a very clever snacking solution. The Tweat features a weighted base so the bird-shaped container won’t tip over (think weebles), and the pull back lid stays attached and leaves enough room for your tot’s hand but helps prevent major spills (a $20 value).
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Ubbi Tweat Snack Containers

$150 Shopping Spree to Gentry’s Closet
We all know that clothes generally aren’t the favorite gifts that are unwrapped by kids, but what if that piece of clothing was personalized with your child’s name or initial? And what if it was super cute too? Well, that might be a different story. Gentry’s Closet has a wide variety of clothing options that you can personalize or not. And if you’re still looking for matching Christmas pajamas for the WHOLE family? This is the place (a $150 value).
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Gentry's Closet

(1) Giro Scamp MIPS Helmet + (4) Helmet Designs from Pogginz
Do you have a kid who hates his helmet? Is it a battle to get that thing on every time your little one grabs his scooter or trike? Pogginz has figured out a way to get your children more excited about their safety helmets. Maybe they don’t like their boring old helmets, but they’ll love being transformed into a dino, shark or princess with Pogginz’s attachable and interchangeable designs. Simply apply the velcro and attach the Pogginz and you are good to go (a $105 value).
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Helmets Decorated with Pogginz

$100 Shopping Spree to Plaid Buttercup
So Plaid Buttercup coined the term FabuComfy (Fabulous + Comfy), and there was no way we wouldn’t use that in our writeup of the brand. My goal in life is that all my clothes are comfy while still retaining some semblance of style, and I look for the same for my kids’ clothes. What kid wants to be in some stiff, uncomfortable outfit (even if it is adorable)? Give your kids room to play while still looking great. Hint: They also have dresses that include a matching dress for your child’s doll—so sweet (a $100 value).
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Plaid Buttercup

Don’t forget, you could win all these items and the rest of the products featured in our holiday gift guide and giveaway. Be sure to enter for your chance to win.

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