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Dress Up Your Nursery with this Darling DIY Mobile

Here at Project Nursery, we strive to bring you amazing and useful DIY projects. We have partnered with Springs Creative, a company with a 90-year heritage that is rich in tradition and quality. This is our second project in a three-part series (check out our DIY fabric wall art project here) featuring simple, stylish DIY projects to complete your next children’s design project.

Looking for a simple way to add color and texture to your nursery decor? How about making a custom scrap fabric baby mobile? When my eye caught the adorable prints of the new Sarah Francis Collection from Springs Creative’s Springmaid fabric line at Jo-Ann Fabrics, I knew they’d be perfect for dangling above the crib in this fun DIY project.

DIY Scrap Fabric Baby Mobile

Materials: a handful of coordinating fabrics (I used the Sarah Francis Collection from Springs Creative’s Springmaid fabric line, available at Jo-Ann Fabrics), 12″ wooden embroidery hoop, natural twine, rotary cutter and cutting mat (or fabric scissors), decorative beads (optional)

DIY Scrap Fabric Baby Mobile Materials

Separate the embroidery hoop—you will be using only the solid inside circle. Cut three pieces of twine to a length of 2 yards each (72″). Fold the strands of twine in half, tucking them underneath the hoop at equidistant points.

Scrap Fabric Baby Mobile Tutorial

Pull the loose ends of each strand through its loop and tighten.

Scrap Fabric Baby Mobile Tutorial

If you want to add decorative beads, string them on now.

Scrap Fabric Baby Mobile Tutorial

After removing any salvage edges, cut your fabric into strips that are 1.5″ wide and 32″ long—don’t worry about making them perfect since imperfection is part of the charm of this project. You will need approximately fifty strips for adequate coverage. The fabric edges will fray a little, but that only adds character to the look of your baby mobile.

Scrap Fabric Baby Mobile Tutorial

To secure the fabric onto the embroidery hoop, start by folding one strip in half. From the inside, slide the folded fabric end under the hoop and open the loop.

Scrap Fabric Baby Mobile Tutorial

Pull the opposite fabric ends over the hoop and through the loop you created.

Scrap Fabric Baby Mobile Tutorial

Tighten into a knot.

Scrap Fabric Baby Mobile Tutorial

Repeat with each fabric strip, sliding them close together until you fill the entire hoop.

Scrap Fabric Baby Mobile Tutorial

Measure 12″ up from the hoop and knot together the strands of twine. Braid the double strands for another 5″ and knot again. Tie a loop at the end of the twine for hanging.

Scrap Fabric Baby Mobile Tutorial

A metal screw-in hook is the best way to fasten your adorable scrap fabric baby mobile to the ceiling. As with any nursery decor, use good judgement on placement and never hang the mobile low enough for a baby to reach.

DIY Scrap Fabric Baby Mobile

This design allows you to perfectly coordinate the baby mobile to your nursery color scheme, and it can be completed in about an hour. Plus, your little one will delight in the way it softly spins and sways. So go break out your fabric scraps or pick up some new prints at Jo-Ann’s to make one today!

DIY Scrap Fabric Baby Mobile

More About Springmaid & The Sarah Francis Collection

With a 90-year heritage that is rich in tradition and quality, Springmaid holds a strong place in Springs Creative’s history as one of the flagship licensing brands—a brand on which the company was founded and a brand that consumers today continue to recognize and trust. Nine decades ago, they planted the seeds of a brand that was simple, unpretentious and trustworthy. With strong roots, it retains those traits today and into the future. The entire new Springmaid collection has been created from pieces from Baxter Mill Archive, housed at our headquarters in South Carolina. Each collection represents several eras, ranging from the classic look of 1940s to the pop art of the 1960s.

The lovely Sarah Francis collection features meticulously designed floral prints in a spectrum of shapes and sizes. The bold colors and detailed designs make the fabrics coordinate together beautifully, but they are also robust enough to stand alone. The Sarah Francis collection is versatile enough to be used for sewing projects, home décor or crafts.

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Virginnia Winstead

Thursday 23rd of May 2024

Love this project and will be making two for great grand babies due in June and November Did I miss the supply list, never used beads before so have no idea what size to buy (I guess the inner hole is important part). Thanks for creative ideas.

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Thursday 8th of December 2016

Yes, how many yards?? ;-) So adorable!!


Thursday 6th of October 2016

How many yards per fabric design did you use? I am wanting to use 4 to 5 different patterned fabrics to make a mobile. I am not sure how much of each design I would need to buy.