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Customer Service With Mom In Mind

We’ve all been there. You’re the mom in line with the screaming kid—you’ve pushed your errand list one stop too far, but you’re still committed to seeing it through. Having kids changes everything—grabbing your purse and heading out the door with a to-do list is a thing of the past. Even simple tasks like going to the grocery store require a game plan, so what happens when you have to do something like upgrade your cell phone?

After several errand meltdowns—some by the kids and a few by me—I knew that I had to rethink my plan. I no longer wanted to be that mom hoping the service desk called my number before the last package of snacks ran out. That’s why it’s such a pleasure to discover customer service that understands our busy schedules like at Verizon Premium Retailer, Cellular Sales.

Melisa_with_Strollerimage by Charlie Juliet Photography

Verizon Premium Retailer, Cellular Sales has designed a customer service experience with moms in mind. They are changing the way business is done by helping moms say goodbye to long lines and giving customers the ability to book appointments in advance. You heard me right, appointments! No more long lines, no more number pulling. Allowing you to do what you love, spend more time with your kids.

MomMoment_PamSloaneimage by Vijay Rakhra Photography

Verizon Premium Retailer, Cellular Sales, not only provides customers with incredible customer service, they are giving moms the peace of mind of knowing that they won’t have to wait hours before receiving help. You can schedule an appointment around school pick up, napping and feeding schedules. Three cheers for that!

Customers can schedule an appointment by calling 1-866-915-2199. Want to know if there is a Cellular Sales near you? Visit their website to find their locations.

With the holiday season nearing, you can even check off a few holiday gifts from your list without the lines. Be sure to keep your eyes open for the exclusive holiday offers Cellular Sales will be sharing online.

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What are you waiting for—have you made your appointment yet? And if you have any additional time saving tips for busy moms this holiday season, we want to hear them!

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