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A Holiday Printable Placemat Ready for Your Kids to Decorate

This post has been sponsored by Airheads. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

The holidays are approaching quickly, and we love coming up with festive activities and crafts for hands-on projects with our littles. Our kids love to craft, and instead of our typical cookie decorating, we decided to change things up a bit. We love to design printables, so we came up with a printable paper placemat and thought it would be super fun to decorate them with one of our favorite go-to candy selections—Airheads.

Airheads Printable Christmas Placemat

Airheads are a flavorful, chewy candy that is gluten and peanut free, plus they come in a variety of fresh, fruity flavors and the colors were perfect for our project. Not to mention, you can eat them when you are finished, added benefit, right?


We picked flavors such as cherry, watermelon, green apple and pink lemonade, perfectly sweet and flavorful.  Airheads are so much fun to craft with because you can mold it into shapes to fit your project.

We started by slightly warming the Airheads in the microwave to make them just a bit softer and easier to mold. Just a couple seconds should do it, and don’t forget to remove the wrappers first! Our kiddos are pretty little, so the cutting was left to the adults to create a variety of shapes for them to use.

Crafting with Airheads

We used a small knife to cut up a bunch of shapes for the kids to use to decorate their placemats.

Crafting with Airheads

Crafting with Airheads

Crafting with Airheads

Each kiddo was given their own paper place mat and a bunch of Airheads that had been pre-cut into shapes to pick from.

Holiday Craft for Kids with Airheads

There was something about seeing the colorful Airheads cut up into pieces that got the kids really excited to get crafting. They thought that creating a project with candy was awesome! There are no rules with a project like this. The placemat gives a basic guideline, but Airheads gave the kids creative freedom to create their own edible masterpieces.

Printable Holiday Placemat for Decorating

Printable Holiday Placemat for Decorating

Printable Holiday Placemat for Decorating

Printable Holiday Placemat for Decorating with Airheads

So cute, right? Simply decorate, eat, repeat! Creating with Airheads is the perfect activity for you next party or playdate. Want to recreate this project? Download you own printable Airheads Placemat, and visit your local grocery store to pick up some Airheads and get to crafting!

For more fun ideas on how to craft with Airheads visit and follow them on Pinterest. To learn more about Airheads candy visit their website and follow them on FacebookTwitterInstagram and YouTube!

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